Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Do You Hear That?

I’m telling if it wasn’t for the music talking… okay well singing in the background and the fans running, I could hear a pin drop! I mean even the traffic isn’t making much noise! I haven’t sold a thing yet today. I’ve possibly had two people in here so far. I don’t know if a day can promise to be more boring. The only thing I can do is fill up the time.

Drink cold cocoa… It was warm when I left home but by the time I reached the bottom of the mug… Yeah

Fill up more of my prayer journal which was sadly lacking in entries. When I want to think and remember I write it out. Other than that my prayers are lifted up as they approach me through out the day.

Eat an early lunch. Since A) I skipped breakfast and B) if I wait I’m likely to fill up with customers and then I won’t be able to catch a bite.

Putting all my friend’s pictures on a spare flash drive my brother found while picking up his room. It was in this little loose drawer… that I am not sure it had anything to fit into??? Hum…  (He has made a huge improvement… all his cloths are either in the wash or put in his drawers! AMAZING! He gets so busy that his room lacks attention. Who can complain… he is fixing cars and building tractors.  😀 Okay enough about him.)

Reading blog posts I didn’t get to last night.

Facebook. Changed profile and Timeline pictures… Something cool and blue and a bit of something for Autumn!

Now here I am blogging! Later I want to work on my story. My sister has inspired me and a friend has me thinking thanks to her hunt for a character name last night.

Meanwhile lunch is a peach butter sandwich and Spaghetti Pie from yesterday. Oh and now that I was complaining about the quiet… Well I was right there are quite a few people in here… and lunch time has just about arrived. 🙂

I’ll chat soon.

Oh Doctor Who episode was great! Tomorrow the next one comes out! Dinosaurs In a Spaceship!

My pen-pal has me wanting to watch Merlin… all those Pins on Pinterest! It is torture! Torture I say. 🙂

Until next time! Randomness signing off!


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