Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Twenty-Two Blessed Lovely Fantastic Wonderful Years… on planet earth

It has been a fantastic birthday! I think it started yesterday… or was it Thursday. Anyway it has all been terrific!

I suppose it started Thursday when my friends gave me some pretty awesome gifts. I wanted these leaf dishes for a Thanksgiving table setting kind of thing! I love Autumn themed things! Plus there were these circular cookie cutters of different sizes… They were what I ended up using to help design my cake! Thanks goes to my super awesome friends. To top that off I was given a hand drawn Doctor Who card by my best friend-adopted Sister. (She is a best friend that is so close to a sister that when were together people really think were related!)

See! Isn’t is fantastic!

Saturday evening I made my cake. It is pretty special to me. I wanted something traditional remember. I thought I wanted to put a Tardis on the cake BUT the whole idea of blue food coloring didn’t appeal and the thought of buying a red cabbage to boil or smashing up blueberries and blackberries to go with my peanut butter frosting JUST wasn’t appealing either. (Yes apparently the way to make a natural blue food coloring is the use a red cabbage.)

Then once I figured out what cake I wanted… It was simple to decide what to do. The recipe for the cake was the Devil’s Food Cake from Better Homes and gardens cookbook. The middle layer is a No-Cook Fudge Frosting from the same book. It was a recipe Sis and I used this past year when we hung out! It is a wonderful memory from a spectacular year. The Peanut Butter Frosting I found online… It is almost exactly the recipe my Gram Weaver used for her Peanut Butter Eggs in the Easter… Just a bit more milk. 🙂 Which was cool since I still find myself missing her. It was like she was here. I know she’d have liked that.

So in a sense my cake represented my past and I think that is pretty neat.

 My family did a wonderful job at trying to complete my wish list. They are a great family! Mom got my the short sleeve tea-shirts I was missing all Summer. Dad gave GIANT chocolate bars! He loves me. 🙂 They both gave me some books I have on my Amazon wish list. Conner KNOW what I like… more chocolates! He is A W E S O M E! My sister is this sweet thing that… well she knew what I’ve been eyeing up for a while. I think there were moments where I might have been… is it green with envy or green with jealousy… either way it was probably both. She gave me a guitar!!!

I’ve been playing with it ever since. I love music…. I think I’ve said that before. I love the way it sounds. I could listen to instrumentals until I went deaf. I enjoy the challenge of learning to master a song. My violin is one of the best things in my life. Playing it is unlike anything else I could do. Although I’ve been in love with the guitar for just about as long as I was in love with the violin. It is something that goes WAY back to when I was just a little bit of a girl. My inspiration in life was a young lady who still has my respect and admiration today. Some people are put on pedestals and made into wow factors… others are just good people who I fall in love (completely totally NOT romantically 😀 )with because of some way they change my life forever. Sometimes it is something they say, or do, or sometimes don’t do. It impresses something on me that changes me forever. I never forget those moments.

Anyway she would play the guitar at church. It was the first time I seen anything like this. She smiled. She was sweet. An there was something about the way she served the Lord that I hadn’t seen before. It would almost remind you of Maria on the Sound of Music. At least in later years I noticed a slight comparison…

If you think I’m quite now… you should have known me back then. I was a mouse in the corner. I smiled when spoken to. I didn’t do anything I hadn’t done before. An I definitely wasn’t about to attempt anything that might embarrass me in front of people. This lady was talented. She’d taught herself how to play instrument. She was willing to teach what she knew to others who cared to learn.

Some of the girls from the church were learning to play the violin from her. My sister and I would sit quietly… in a pew SEVERAL rows back. We’d listen. One day she asked us if we wanted to play. Automatically I said no. However I was intrigued. I hadn’t thought about doing anything like that before. Eventually… after quite a while I agreed to try. I wasn’t a natural but I enjoyed it… even more than I thought I would. That was how I ended up buying my own first Violin.


I’ve had a wonderful twenty-first year. I’ve shared it with so many special people in my life who me so much to me. I’ve been blessed beyond measure.  I’ve a God, Creature, Saviour, and Heavenly Father who loves me enough to give me all this and still  show me mercy and grace that I don’t deserve.

I’ve had a fantastic birthday. My Grandmother from my Mom’s side called me today. It was nice to hear from her. I’ve had quite a few FaceBook messages of blessings and prayers and hopes. Each one brought a smile to my face. I’ve Family and Friends who love and care about me.

I’ve a future year to look forward to. It promises to be as bright a future as I allow it to be. It promises to challenge me. It hopes I’m strengthened through whatever is thrown at me. It hopes I lean on the One who is always there! It asks me not to wreak anymore cars…….. Yeah so okay I threw that one in because I’m hoping… praying that one is in the future too. 😀

So I stayed up Saturday night to see the beginning of my birthday and I’ve stayed up late Sunday night to see it pass. At the beginning of my Twenty-Second year in this beautiful world. I am single, un-employed… by choice, living at home with my parents, blogging as regularly as possible, caring for the one-acre-farm, helping my brother with his History and Science through his last year of home-school high-school, writing an epic fantasy story, staying up late, journaling, letter writing, instrument playing, and wondering how life could get any better! Happy Twenty-second Year! …what have you got for me?!


Just so it is clear that Doctor Who wasn’t totally left out in the creation of my cake design… 😉

P.S. Pic was found on FB…

Two bits of advice… If you haven’t seen the new Doctor Who episode Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, you totally should! Don’t Blink and Run…. No wait that was three…. Oh… well. Fantastic way to start a year!

did I mention there was hot chocolate involved? well there was




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