Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy


Today… Well yesterday at this point… It has been a new day for a whole hour now. No I can’t sleep at nights… Don’t ask  I’m not entirely sure what the answer might be. 🙂

Anyway… I was planning on writing more than just random stuff about my lunch. I actually had an idea for a blog post. Then someone called in and I didn’t have to work at the shop. However after a long crazy random busy day I still had plans of entering this post. Now that I can’t sleep and my mind only has a billion things floating through it I thought I’d focus some of the thinking power over to my post.

(I was back to rambling wasn’t I?????)

Someone asked a question on one of the first blog I read. They asked about inspirations. The writer wanted to know who inspired us. Several years later I have a slightly more refined group of people who inspire me, whether in the past or right up to today. Although there is one thing that is quite clear to me. Everyone inspires everyone around them. Whether for good or bad is up to the person absorbing the inspiration. It isn’t always an instant thing either.

First there is God. I don’t think I could make it through this life without Him. His Words, His presence, and even His answers are something that inspires me through out life. When I can’t sleep or I feel alone. He knows, He hears, He understands and I can keep living. He really does have a sense of humor… Once I asked Him about something. When He answered it I’d nearly forgotten what I’d prayed for. The way he answered it was exactly what I’d asked for and entirely not what I meant. 🙂 I smiled because I knew it was His answer. His way, His will, His time.

Second is my parents. They have stuck together through thick and thin. Through the good times and the bad times. Even when they felt like giving up on each other they’ve held on. They both grow and learn and change. It has been amazing to see. They inspire me to keep things together and that things aren’t always what they seem. God has the master plan.

Third in my sister. She is always there to talk to even if one of us is being stubborn about something. When one of us is stressed or frustrated with the other we find a way through it. We try to make each other smile at the silly things and the bad things.

Fourth is my brother.  He works like crazy. Fixes my car. Uses all his gadgets and pops (flips?)  the breakers… He turns them back on once he finds out that the house power is off too… and there is a peach pie sitting in the oven trying to cook. 🙂 When I’m having a down day he is there. He is amazing at running errands. If I’m sick he’ll make sure I don’t want or need anything. When we were little things, if he went to the bank with one of our parents he wouldn’t take a lollipop unless he could have one for each of his sisters. One morning he woke up early and went outside to chip the ice off the snow. He got a piece shaped in a heart and wrote an I love you note to our mom. He is a giver this one!

Fifth is all my amazing friends that I have had the privilege of knowing. I mentioned someone in my last post.  There is also another who writes her own music, works for a Christian camp, and when I’ve complimented her… She had just praised the Lord. Even when she gets super busy she reaches out and tries to get together.

Then there is my BFF (if your into that whole initials thing…) and adopted sister. She can be a crazy girl who shows me that life isn’t always so serious. We share our favorite books and a love for Tv series. Even if we don’t always agree on taste… which isn’t often… we give it a try for each other.

Some friends are quiet. Although I think it is these that I treasure most. They keep me smiling… even when I feel like frowning. They also remind me that I am not some strange species that doesn’t know what to say or forgets how to talk. There are others out there as quiet as I am.

Most times we compensate with journals or letters or e-mails that help span the distance. There are so many things they say that inspire me in many different ways.

There are the authors that write their fabulous books or blogs. Some inspire me to write while others remind me to show the world of people a little more respect.

Inspirations seems like such a small and simple thing… But it changes my life everyday and it will always change the world we live in…

P.S. I could go on forever. My life has been nothing but inspired by those around me. To which I thank you all. All the people I have known and all those I will. Thank you for living your brilliant lives and be willing to share and rub off a bit if it with the rest of us!


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  1. This was nice to read on a day I’m feeling very short on inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

    Comment by organicmom | September 15, 2012 | Reply

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