Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Comings and Goings

Lunch… going 🙂 Left overs. Glazed Butternut Squash and Sweet & Sour Meatballs from dinner two nights back. Bottle of Spring Water. Why don’t they have Autumn and Summer water? 😉

Music… coming. Playing AbidingRadio from iTunes. Instrumentals.

Clouds… going. Been cloud all morning with a chance of showers from the looks of it.

Sunshine… coming. I’m pretty sure that there is a bit of sunshine poking through the clouds. Maybe it will warm the chilly Autumn air that seems to be settling in.

Summer… going. Today is the last Calender day of Summer.Although I’m thinking the actual season gave up in us a few weeks back. 🙂

Autumn… coming. Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn. At-least according to the Calender… 🙂 We’ve been smelling it in the air. Dad says that is the smell of archery season.Who am I to argue with that?! 😀

Going are the days of Fruit Salad, Pasta Salad, Fresh Veggies from the garden, Air Conditioners, Water Balloon battles, Amusement Parks, smelling fresh-cut grass, and a lot less motorcycles.

Coming are the days of Hot Chocolate, Spice-y Ciders, Scented Pine-cones, Quilting, Crocheting, enjoying the warmth that is created from canning and baking, getting together with friends, and cozy coats or jackets.

We spent the past few months preparing for a Pampered Chef party my sister is having tomorrow. Our house was in dire need of sprucing up. Living room walls were begging to be painted. There was random stuff in boxes and totes everywhere desiring a place on the shelves here at the antique shop. Projects needed completed. All the homeschool books we are done with after this year needed to be put on a shelf so we could sell them. Scrap metal was seeking its companions at the scrapyard. Old lumber that wasn’t usable for anything was ready to soak up the warmth of a fire. Lawn-tractors were hoping for a home in the garage, already to get out of the weather for another year. Tools were enjoying being replaced in the corners and shelves and drawers they’d come from. Everything is looking great now that it is where it is supposed to be. All ready for a party and the new season. 🙂

When I go home my sister and I have some food preparing to do. Most of it will be done tomorrow by the consultant. There is a few last-minute things Mom wants cleaned… Like re-mopping the floors, re-vacuuming the rugs, making sure no spiders built overnight cobwebs. (I’m sure that those little guys can do it in just a few hours.) Make sure the cat and dog are bathed and/or smelling nice. We are decorating with pumpkins and butternut squash, which grew really well for us this year but isn’t quite ready to be canned.

I’m finally able to use my little serving set for this dip my sister is putting together for some fruit we are cutting up. I also have these ones that look like Fall leaves that I got for my birthday! So much fun! Can’t wait to see everything together! 🙂

Have a great weekend! The leaves are definitely turning colors so don’t forget to take a few moments to look out your windows and enjoy the spectacular display of His handy-work!


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  1. What about winter water? or would that be ice? 🙂

    Comment by Mariah | September 21, 2012 | Reply

    • Yeah I wondered about that… Might be snow… hadn’t come up with an idea I was sure about yet. 🙂

      Comment by joyofdawn | September 22, 2012 | Reply

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