Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy


Picture from a mismatched Pinterest pin of a Esty listing.

It has been a while since I’ve seen a rainbow in the sky. As everyone who came into the shop stated I was closing up for the day. There in the sky was a rainbow! I love rainbows. Mom said that is was quite bright and that, if rainbows actually ended, she was sure she could tell where it did so. Of course my only camera was my cellphone… It takes great up close pictures but doesn’t do well with landscapes… Especially the sky.

Again today it is rainy… Although it shows no sign of letting up or allowing any sunlight to glimpse through the clouds. Feels like a great day to curl up and take a nice long nap. Or read a big think interesting book. Or watch a complete TV series.

OOOOOOORRRRRrrrrr work on my story…. I’m at a dull moment and it is taking a while for me to be enthusiastic about writing it. A new character is coming in… well he’s been hinted at but now the MC is actually going to meet him. I’m excited but a little worried about not giving it the best opening. I should just write it… I know.

However first things first. I have a menu to complete along with grocery list. Then we’ll see about story writing.

The shop is extra boring. I’ve sold one item so far… A book at half off. Yeah, there are people in here by the bus load… no really I am seriously joking. I’m listening to music I’ve heard a hundred times… Sometimes things do get old. Although my brain doesn’t have to do any extra work listening hard to any new songs. 🙂

Lunch is Salsa and Chips plus a piece of blueberry pie. I made two pies yesterday. One because I wanted to, the other because I had extra crust. Mom wanted me to make dinner… It is no fun to just make dinner 🙂 so I made dinner and dessert. I’m super glad Mom helped me clean up my mess afterward though. The peach pie wasn’t bad either, though a bit on the messy side. I recommended eating both pies… in bowls… with spoons. 😀

a life of color

Enjoy a quite day in the rain… out of the rain… whichever you prefer. 😉 As long as you do it with a hot cup of cocoa! Have a great week friends!


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