Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Is That Snow!?

Dad says it is spitting snow… Mom says it is sprinkling rain-drops. Me? I think it is cold enough to frost during the day! Someone just brought more milk home… I’m up for a cup of Hot Cocoa! 

I’ve got this cold… I’ve had it for over a week. I am just stuffy at this point but my nose wrinkles at the whiff of a tissue. Thus my lack of post last week.

This week I’m not in at the shop! There is a lady who randomly works so she will just call up and take a day. I got off the phone and did a little dance… yeah my sister laughed at me.. 🙂

Mom wants to go shopping… we have some groceries to buy. She is excited. I’ll get excited later. 😉 Right now I’m just thinking of ways to stay warm… 

Yesterday Re and I went to the Mennonite Stores. One is a Country Store where we like to buy bulk Flour, Oatmeal, and Yeast (for breads and rolls). The other is a place where they sell fabric out of their garage! Me + Fabric = constant hand slapping. “No you can’t buy that. No you don’t have any projects for that right now. Don’t you think you ought to finish what your working on first then think about buying more fabric for something else cute.” If I go shopping with my sister I’m usually pretty safe… She knows how to talk me out of buying fabric I don’t need yet. 🙂 She is an excellent penny pincher.

The rest of the day Mom and I cleaned out one of the storage rooms and turned it back into something semi-useful. There is still stuff that is in need of a new home but it was a BIG step. Even better… all that dust… Oh yeah! It’s history!

As the day ended and the next started I watched a movie with my dad and then we listened to the Vice-Presidents Debate. It was really nice being up and hanging out with my dad.

When Mom came up and woke me this morning… My eyes just didn’t want to open. 🙂  Fortunately… thanks to a lack of AC in my window… My room wasn’t freezing! 

The cat is sleeping on my lap… I don’t mind at the moment because it is like a super warm blanket. 🙂 Plus after Mom and I went shopping… I was able to make brownies! It has been an awesome day! Nice-melt-in-your-mouth-chocolate… Yum!


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