Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

When I Woke Up

I’ve had a fantastic past few days! Wednesday I got to hang out with friends and go to the farmer’s market… Where we found these awesome candles by Heavenly Mountain Scents. They smell awesome! The Very Vanilla smells like frosting… I totally wanted to eat it! 🙂

Later I stayed the night at her place. we went for a walk… Where she decided to record us all evening. It was probably the silliest walk ever. At the dinner table she played the funny part over and over again at least a half-dozen times. the smiling and laughing didn’t stop until we crashed into bed about midnight. Okay, so it’d have been later if we hadn’t been traveling most of the day. Sitting in a car is hard on the body!

Yesterday, friends came over and we baked cookies and other goodies just for fun! Although it turned out that one of the ladies was having a work bee at her place so we sent most of the yummy-ness her way to feed to all those men. 🙂 We had tons of fun… Laughing, snapping pictures of each other, swiping cookie dough, sneaking cookies, rolling and frosting cut outs, spilling sprinkles, smacking away my brother’s hand (only occasionally 🙂 )

Thus after so much much-ness… 😉 (inside joke sorry) I woke up this morning and realized that everything I had planned… well it just was going to be delayed or not happen. It is Friday. My day to spend at the shop. My day to blog. An a day to see if I can re-figure out this crocheting stuff. Pink yarn, pink needle, cool weather, rain, and I think that is too many loops in that stitch… How many was I on again? 😀

Lunch is boring… I forgot my drink… which is a real bummer. I’m having a granola bar. I like granola bars. I especially love Cascadian Farms granola bars though. So I’m cool. This one is Vanilla Almond Cherry, yup it’s good! 😉

The changing of leaves is coming to an end. It is sad. I am still enjoying the few vibrant colors that remain. Although the gray clouds seem a bit daunting today.

I’ve finally figured out what the first three frets on the last two strings of my guitar are… and where they lay on the music. Sometimes it really does help to look at things with fresh eyes! I got to practice for a while before I finally surrendered to go to sleep sometime after midnight and before one o’clock. 😀 I think I might actually be getting somewhere. Now I just need to see if my sister will show me something new on the piano. Yeah this is me trying to whip my music back into a recognizable shape that might actually benefit something. :p

November isn’t that far away. My sister is excited about NaNoWriMo this year. She has a story that we have just connected another story to and pieces are falling into place just like a puzzle. I love to watch her get excited! So she is going to work on that for NaNo. I hope it works for her. I’m going back to one of my very first ideas that turned into a series that was WAY to overwhelming for me. I had symbols and uniforms and pictures and even paper made space ships for them. When I re-start them in November I’m dropping everything and seeing what I can find at the core. In the process I’ve been pulling out all the old stuff and searching for tidbits to get me started and the ones that might just keep me going. Although I’ve also run across some of the other fascinating ideas I’ve got hidden in the backs of binders and notebooks… It is a crazy, fun journey. I’ve stocked up on hot cocoa this year so I don’t run out! Even though my mug is broken… A new one is on me Christmas wish list!

Soooo I’m missing my friends today but thanks to them I’ve still got a smile on my face. ’cause they are awesome!

You R Awesome!


AN SO ARE YOU my blogging buddies! Have a Fantastic day!

P.S. I found the pic on Facebook… so the credit goes to the talented people who created this awesome thing! 🙂


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