Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

The Quiet

I think I can hear myself breath… It’s weird. The neighbors upstairs… well they are about the only other thing besides the cars passing by outside that lets me know that the world is still moving and I’m really not the only one here. It is as quiet a day as it ever gets here at the shop. I’ve sold two items besides the piece of fabric I bought. Hey, it was blue and will work great with the quilt I’m going to start working on… Wwweelll great with one of the quilts I’m going to start working on. I’m doing two but that is besides the point.

Lunch went fast easy with no interruptions. So glad I remembered my water today and my chocolate. 🙂 I had a chicken and cheese sandwich it wasn’t the best but it was still good.

I’ve been crocheting like CRAZY since last Friday. I’m doing this cute shell pattern right now.  My hands are pleading for a break… I haven’t decided to give it to them yet. Although I did decide that I would crochet only when I couldn’t work on the quilts so that should help a little bit. 🙂

I’m playing my music off my MP3 player. The song I rarely listen to because they are in the unknown album which means they are probably my Disney collection mixed with whatever else I’ve added that didn’t have a recognizable Cd. I’ve added a ton of music to it because I get tired of hearing the same thing every week on a round. 🙂 I only play this selection when no one else is in the store… Which I don’t seem to have to worry about too much today.

Truth is that this blog is saving me money! 😀 If I wasn’t rambling on here I’d be sifting through booths buying awesome stuff I don’t need.

Yesterday was probably my best day of the week. It was so beautiful that the dog and I spent most of it outside with Mom. We racked up a ton of leaves out of the yard. After we tarp-ed them we would drag them clear over to the garden, only dump them all out. If it weren’t for composting/mulching we probably wouldn’t worry about raking them up. Come on, honestly, don’t you just love listening to leaves crunch under your feet during the Autumn. It is like the main reason for the season! Anyway it was great fun watching the dog play in the leaves. She was having so much fun I had an inkling that she thought it was snow! 🙂 I was wishing I had the camera. We got quite a bit done before we were all worn out.

The gorgeous pumpkins are all cut up and canned along with the butternut squash. I kind of miss seeing all the orange around the house. During the process it did help keep the house warm. Steamed up all the windows a few times.

Nano starts up next week! The goal it 2,000 words a day. It starts on a Thursday… the Thursday my friend comes up to hang out while our moms go cleaning. Then the second day is Friday… my shop day. Interesting start off! 😉

I’m starting to yawn now… you probably are too. I’ve been rather boring, feel the boredom seeping down in through me. I’ll go now. Get back to my crocheting. 🙂 Have an awesome weekend!


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