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When will I learn

YES!!! Re and I both reached just past our goals yesterday. Today is a whole new day with a 1,667 word count goal that will get me around 3,400 words. Which I haven’t even started on yet due to owning you an update. 🙂 Oh! and I forgot my COCOA! I’ll have to drink it tonight… I’ll need it by then. I’m at the shop all day and it is raining… I’m not complaining about the weather. I don’t mind rain when I’m trying to write. Some reason it helps me to think when I’m listening to it. The lack of customers and the lack of moving around is going to be tiring. It feels chilly even though I know it really isn’t that cold in here. (I checked the thermostat just to make sure. 😉 )

I brought my crocheting along just in case I should finish my writing goal before I leave. By the way if your wondering what my goal would look like on paper it is about the space of three pages in an eleven Times New Roman face type with only the regular line spacing. For me… I like spaces and making things look big. So I fill up five or six pages at a double line space. The font is a bigger one and set at twelve. 🙂 It so cool when I find myself finishing a page… even when I know that I’ve fixed it to make the page fill up faster. 😀

Lunch today is chicken bbq sandwich with pumpkin puff casserole. It is from Taste of Home and not originally written for pumpkin but it also works great with butternut squash too! 🙂 Here is the recipe. It has become a Thanksgiving tradition and sometimes Christmas too. However I break all the tradition rules and make it every once in a while just cause it is so awesome! When we make it we skip the coconut and the pecans… Someone doesn’t like coconut… and we either didn’t have pecans or nuts were bothering someone’s teeth when we first made it. So we just stick with what we did the first time.

(Just so we clear things up a little bit… I am NOT the one who dislikes coconut. I’d eat Almond Joys of Mounds anytime. I just don’t get to use it very often unless I plan on making something without the coconut…)

Anyway… I have this habit of making lists… sometimes several of the same one.(That is when I’m procrastinating OR really thinking about what I’d like to do or even if I’m sure I should… usually when it is a list of things to buy. 🙂 ) So I found another one of my double lists today… This time it is a blog roll.I found I have one on Blogger and another one WordPress. Wouldn’t you know when I found my second list it was full of blog posts I’d love to read. 🙂 When will I ever learn not to put things in so many different places?! Just like that stack of notebooks I looked around for all morning. After eliminating all my shelves and even my desk I’m pretty sure they are in a tote at the bottom back corner of my closet. I knew I hid them so they wouldn’t distract me but… I didn’t know I hid them so well. 😀 I’ll wait to pull them out until I’m desperate. 😉

By the way, if you want to read my story I started a blog and hope to post the updates there. JoyOfDawn

So yeah my writing will be slightly delayed while I fix this blog to make it presentable! 🙂


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  1. Lists are wonderful. Ann Voskamp wrote about lists today. She’s the one that wrote the book on gratitude I love so much…. One Thousand Gifts….
    I’ll have to join you on that hot cocoa…and check out that recipe! 🙂

    Comment by orthodoxmom3 | November 2, 2012 | Reply

  2. I’d be lost without my lists. 🙂
    Enjoy your cocoa! I know I can’t wait to go home and have mine!

    Comment by joyofdawn | November 2, 2012 | Reply

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