Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Totaled in Distractions

My poor poor NaNo story. I’m hardly giving it a chance. Do you have any idea how hard it is to write without being distracted. It is kind of like needing your hands to be busy while watching a movie. Only worse because it is your hands that are busy and your brain wants the movie! 🙂

So between Facebook, blogs, E-mail, house cleaning jobs, making sure my laundry is done so I have something to wear, my mind and body are in denial of this whole writing thing. They just want me to get up and clean the house from top to bottom. Who gets urges like that?! I want to suddenly bake bread and cinnamon rolls. When all I needed was rolls for dinner. (Okay so I’ve been wanting to make cinnamon rolls for a while know. I just finally talked myself into it. Cereal, oatmeal, and toast were getting boring.)

Then my new toy came in the mail yesterday! It is a brand new sewing machine that can do six-hundred stitches! I’m so excited! I used the payment from doing this one cleaning job that included painting and all kinds of stuff. It took forever to complete and my pay turned out to be just what I was going to save up for to buy this machine. I’ve been borrowing my sisters and she was wanting to have her machine back. I wanted a machine that did fancy stitches. This machine just looked like it was a dream come true!

You can imagine how excited I am to sew now! 🙂

I never knew that e-mail could be so distracting. I check it and someone wants me to know about their sale or their new item. Have you ever heard of Storylane? It is this new cool site that is a little like Pinterest, blogging, Facebook, and maybe twitter combined. It is a place were people tell their stories whether real life or made up. Anyway some how I ended up with an e-mail telling me all about it. Of course I had to go look. So here I am supposed to be writing and I’m setting up a new account for this. 🙂 I’ll never learn!

Then last night I was supposed to make rolls to go with this new soup Mom found. It was a Creamy Nacho Soup, I made one similar to this but this is a little different from that one. (We didn’t add the cauliflower although we want to next time and just skip the puree.)  I make the rolls and decide I want to use up the flour I have on the table. So I make these Cinnamon Roll Pull-Apart yummies I found on Pinterest. Then I thought that it would be good for Dad to have some homemade bread to change-up his sandwiches he takes to work. So I made this Oatmeal bread. It rose wonderfully, even faster than the directions said. Everything turned out great!. In fact I’m eating the soup and rolls for lunch too. I had a Cinnamon Roll for breakfast. 🙂

This isn’t the first time I caught myself doing cooking I didn’t need to do while NaNo-ing. There were the No-Bakes remember? Mom made her Peanut butter low carb cookies and then I couldn’t help myself. They smelled like peanut butter frosting!

So yeah I made my 10,000 words but today I need to bring my total  up to 15,000. I’m somewhere over 11,000. I have a little work to do. 😉

Since I’m here at the shop today maybe I’ll be a little less distracted. 🙂 15,000 here I come!



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