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Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Amazing Love… Life

He is always there! He is amazing! Just when I need to know the most, He shows me His abundant love. I’ve been feeling it a lot lately. I’m ever so thankful to Him.

There is so much to say! I’ve been greatly encouraged by several people lately. Just more of the small things they do and say but it makes all the difference. I’m forever in the debt of everyone I know.

Today was a lot of fun. Mom and I went out shopping with some of her friends. Put together a group of ladies who have worked together and take a quick guess at what the conversation of the day was. 🙂 I sat half listening. It was unavoidable! Most of the traveling I consumed myself in crocheting, it helps me to concentrate on something else other than the fact that I’m moving when I am in the car. It isn’t so bad if I drive but as a passenger I have my good and bad days with motion sickness.

Anyway I got a few more rows complete in crocheting!

Shopping was as fun as shopping is. I found a few things I needed. There is still a thing or two for me to buy but it is available around here so it wasn’t as big a deal that I didn’t buy it while we were out. I even got to but myself a few gifts! Some extra bobbins for my sewing machine, a little case for the bobbins, and these wonderful scented pine cones! I have them hung up in my room waiting to be joined my the garland I have yet to dig out of the corner of the closet. I think the scent is making me hungry!

Most of the things we picked up were for my sister. She wasn’t able to join us today. The good thing is she has no idea what she is getting for Christmas. The bummer is that I’d really have enjoyed her company today. Although I am most jealous of a present my mom got for my Grandmother. It is a DVD of the Christmas Lodge. I’ve been wanting to watch it since it came out! However I couldn’t find it anywhere! It has Micheal Shanks in it from StarGate. I, as many of my readers can probably tell, am a lover of many TV-series. The second best thing is to find a watchable movie or new series in which one of the actors of a good series are incorporated. StarGate was one of my favorites. Some of the side series off it weren’t nearly as good but not everything can be perfect. 🙂 I watch a lot of my movies and TV series while I sew. Sewing is a lonely business and in my small family of five… loneliness is something I’m not used to. I enjoying having the company of some great character played by some fantastic actors to make noise and keep my company. All the while not telling me to keep my mess cleaned up or some other such business. 😉

Anyway, I’ve loved the whole idea of the Christmas Lodge movie and still haven’t watched it! Maybe I’ll be extra blessed and Gram will want to watch it while we’re there. Or maybe Mom and Dad will add it to my other movies on my Christmas list. 😀 heehee.

Altogether I’m smiling at the end of a good and tiring day.

Sunday I got the chance to go to church and later be kept company by some of the best of friends. I’ve been so amazingly blessed! An all the babies just add and extra cuteness to help make the week even more sparkly.

Oh! About Friday… Sorry about the missing post. I was off at the antique shop and putting my new sewing machine to work. I’ve all sort of things to sew up. Most of which is for surprise purposes such as Christmas… So it is all hush hush. 😉

And now… I’m headed over to Google Drive to pound a few more words out of my laptop. It has been too long and I have a lot of work and a dead line to meet. No more sewing. Forget the chocolate. Just… Wait! What? Totally bring the chocolate on! Going to plug in this electronic device and grab a hot chocolate! Whose with me!

Life is awesome and we really have an amazing God.



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  1. Make your week more sparkly! What a cute saying. Totally gonna borrow that!

    Comment by Mariah | November 22, 2012 | Reply

  2. Thanks! Have at it. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

    Comment by joyofdawn | November 22, 2012 | Reply

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