Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

20,000 Words

I don’t believe it! I’m not were I should be but I’m definitely farther along than I’ve ever been!

There is an online game I used to play all the time but haven’t really played in forever. It is RuneScape. Anyway they play these songs on there I keep letting them play while I write today. It came in really handy for the one scene I was working on. Music sometimes helps me write and other times I can’t focus when it is on. As long as my character is doing something boring like chopping trees or lighting fires it keeps me online without having to pay too much attention to it. It is coming in handy for today anyway.

I’ve been demolishing Thanksgiving leftovers. They are so awesome! Mom wants me to cook dinner tonight. I’m thinking some kind of turkey soup. Haven’t actually found a recipe I want to use yet. Haven’t really looked either. 🙂

I had off at the shop yesterday. Went in but I wasn’t even on the schedule. Nice. I came home and wrote for a while but my brain was blocked up and couldn’t think. I ended up on YouTube then the bed needed stripped and a shower wasn’t bad. Mom wanted company to the laundry mat. So I stayed busy. 🙂 I’ve learned How Great Thou Art on my guitar now! I’m thinking I should return to the lesson book and see what else I should learn before I get over my head. heehee

Well off to have a piece of chocolate to celebrate and back to writing before I loose my action. Or get distracted…

Enjoy the pretty snow falling outside! …if you happen to have snow falling outside like I do… Otherwise I hope your enjoying some sunshine!


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