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Pizza Pockets

I’m supposed to write a new blog post. I’m not feeling very inspired. Maybe it is because I reached over twenty-five thousand words last night and my brain is on word freeze. Maybe it is because I’m feeling slightly depressed. Maybe it is the lack of snow today. Maybe it is just because I’d rather this post be a sounding board on which to vent my momentary frustrations. I’m hoping they are momentary. I’m hoping my mind will think of a new way to view my negativity in a more positive light. I haven’t thought of any yet…

Anyway, I’ll try to shove it all in the closet for now and hope it doesn’t peep out into view. See there I’m feeling slightly better already. I think a smile it appearing. Yes there it is finally. It feels like sunshine on an extra rainy day.

Last night a scrapped in the last of my NaNo word count at 25, 267. It isn’t the 50,000 but I’m overjoyed with the results of the month. As always it is fascinating to see what one can learn when writing. My old characters were coming to life. It was fun watching them develop. They were getting their own personalities and little quirks. It was cute. When I finish my current WIP I want to give them another go. Maybe with a bit more of a time span! It you need or want the link to what I wrote this passing November I posted it before but I’ll add it in here. I’ll be leaving JoyOfDawn NaNoWriMo Stories blog up for a while before closing it down. I hope you enjoy it! and PLEASE if you have and comments, suggestions, and/or questions I’d love to hear them! Even if they aren’t exactly positive. I can’t make my writing better without hearing from my awesome readers!

Today I had a pizza pocket for lunch. It hasn’t one of those ones that can be bought in the store… I made them the other night.   They are awesome and come in really handy when I don’t have anything to tuck into my lunch box. They weren’t really that hard either. I made my pizza crust. Which I been using this recipe. It is so easy to roll out or press in to the pan and it you wanted to toss it… Well this would be the one I’d recommend. No I haven’t any idea on how to toss pizza. Although I’m guessing I could find an excellent You Tube clip…

So it worked out really well for these pizza pockets. Plus I discovered that if you mix everything together, whatever meats and cheeses and/or veggies, right with the sauce if it so much simpler and definitely equals delicious.

They leaked out a little in the oven but it wasn’t too bad. When they were done baking I scrapped them off the stones and put them on a cookies sheet to freeze in the oven for a while. Then I pulled them out wrapped them in foil put the ones I could in sandwich bags, the rest I doubled in foil. Finished it off by stacking them in gallon bags before finally putting them in the freezer for good. So far they seem fine.

Now there are these canned peaches to considered and Christmas music to listen to. Then to top it all off, I’ve a ton of Christmas stuff to finish up! So I’ll let you go for now!

Enjoy the snow showers!

P.S. I feel much better now. Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. homemade pizza pockets sound like a wonderful idea….thanks for the link to the recipe. Tossing dough…..I remember as a little girl we would go to this pizza place and you could see from the table the man tossing the dough up into the air and catching and tossing and ….well, it really fascinated me. I can remember the dream inside my heart….”Someday,… yes someday,” I thought. “That’s what I’m going to be! A Pizzamaker!” LOL….what great aspirations, huh? Well, I still don’t know how to toss that dough either…. oh, well! I do make pizza though! 🙂

    Comment by Carol | November 30, 2012 | Reply

  2. A ton of Christmas stuff to finish up?? I’ve just started… Litterally. I bought fabric for my mom-in-law’s gift and my older sister’s gift today! Wow I feel like a slacker!

    Comment by Mariah | December 1, 2012 | Reply

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