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Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Good Morning!

December 7th 2012… Can anyone else believe it is Dec. already? The last month of the year. The realization kicks in that there is a ton of things to get done before the end of the month. All those Christmas gifts we haven’t gotten yet. Or the ones that still aren’t done even though you’ve been working on them. The frustrations of the whole year seem to come crashing down in that one moment when the traffic is so backed up that you’re not even sure how far up the traffic light is, cause you can’t even see it yet. Then there is the New Years Resolutions that were made at the beginning of the year. You find them in a notebook that was hidden under the far reaches of some dark hidden place. They leave a feeling in the pit of your stomach that makes you either have to add them to your next years list or run around trying to complete all of them at once. The only thing that brings a smile to your face is the ONE you did manage to do. 🙂 Anyway the Christmas tree is finally put up and the decorations are placed around the house. Everyone is holding secrets. I know that I am catching myself at every turn.  My tongue it going to be sore if this month doesn’t hurry up! 🙂 Just the right things fall into place where I could say what someone is getting. It is terrible this year… I know too many secrets! So far… I’ve done good.

Things might be a tab-bit on the crazy side at times but it all seems to melt away when I hear a pretty Christmas carol or smell the scents of cocoa and/or cinnamon. When I walk down the aisle full o f Christmas-y things something skips a beat. A smile magically appears. Kids laugh for reasons no one seems to understand. Well some of them anyway. People are thinking of others like they wouldn’t most of the rest of the year. Christmas is one of the most special times of the year. So when the snow is falling or the rain is pouring down or in those rare days when the sun shines, have safe travels.


I’m wearing hoodies and sweaters more often. Sometimes I wonder why I bother owning long sleeve shirts because I always have them covered up with something warmer. 🙂 I’ve seen people making more warm drinks in my home. Curtains are going up where ever a draft seems to leak through. The heaters are being un-buried. The blankets are being pulled from closets and plastic totes. The furnace seems to kick on more often. Me… lately I’ve been drinking water like it has been going out of style which is great, just unusual for me. We had chicken and broccoli for dinner last night… It was the craziest thing! As I walked down the stairs it smelled just like macaroni and cheese made using cheddar. 😀 I was still really good despite the lack of cheese and pasta.

The morning is nearly over… It has been good so far. People are shopping for Christmas stuff. It is neat hearing about the different people they are shopping for or the cool idea they are going to use an item for.

Mostly I’m really excited to A) make Christmas cookies with a friend of mine B) to see what this New Year is going to be like C) to be done with all these secrets for another whole year! 🙂

Good Afternoon!


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  1. You make this time of year seem so magical – here it is so warm half the time you barely need a long sleeved shirt (some days its cold, just not most of the time). My family was never huge Christmas people, so Christmas decor didn’t go up until right before Christmas and since it never snows it’s never a white Christmas 🙂

    Comment by Mariah | December 8, 2012 | Reply

    • Hey there Mariah! Christmas is only as magical as we let it be. My Gram always made it special for us. It was her absolutely favorite time of the year. When she died. We skipped Christmas for a year. We celebrated Christ’s birth in our own way but it wasn’t in a big family type of way. Ever since then I think Christmas has been even more magical for me. No one can force Christmas, but when we hear the carols and see all the smiles… How can we not see the magic in what our Savior gave us?!
      Dad never has been big on Christmas trees and decorations. He is one of those people that would put up a Christmas tree on Christmas eve and take it down Christmas night. 🙂 Don’t let that fool you. He likes Christmas… You should see his face! He just isn’t so crazy about all the stuff that goes with it. 😉
      As for white Christmas… Well, we like to dream, but like it or not most of the years growing up snow wasn’t actually on the ground Christmas eve or Christmas day… It didn’t like to hit until sometime in January! 🙂 I always laughed during a movie when I saw it was snowing… Then realized it was just salt or some kind of powder they were shaking out over the whole scene! Props are some of the funniest things. 🙂
      I enjoy hearing how other people make Christmas special to them especially when they don’t live in a place that everyone seems to think is the recipe for an extra special Christmas… like places where it is too warm to snow!

      Comment by joyofdawn | December 8, 2012 | Reply

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