Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy


Okay so I got my title from my lunch. Yeah I’m rubbish at titles… I like bananas, Doctor Who likes bananas, and I feeling a bit bananas lately. Alright so I’ll quite with the whole wonderful yellow peel-able fruit now. I mean… Come on. It grows its own wrapper! And it tastes awesome, no matter what you do with the fruit. Add it to your ice cream, dry it into chips, mash it and cook it into bread. Eat in a fruit salad, eat it with peanut butter or chocolate chips. Compost the peel or feed it to some very grateful goats. I mean you can’t lose with a banana! Okay seriously… I’ll drop it now. 🙂

So even with the sun shining and the heat running I’m a bit chilly. Long socks, warm shoes, and a hoodie to match… still chilly. There has been people in and out all day. Which is great! I haven’t had the chance to get bored! People have been working items off their lists… I’m guessing next weekend will be busy from the last-minute shoppers.

I’ve been doodling… My crochet project is getting too big to be moving about. Happily that means I’m almost done with it! I love how it is turning out! Can’t wait to see it all finished. My sister has been knitting her needles clicking together whenever she is off from work. She is quite ambitious. She is working on things she is giving her co-workers for Christmas. She works in a grocery store… That is quite a number of people. Re is really sweet that way!

The New Year is bringing about some new changes. I won’t be at the shop EVERY Friday. It is going to be more random which I was a bit upset about at first. However I think it is going to be really good. I’ll get to do stuff that I might not have been able to do before cause I won’t have to be in here on Friday. It also means my post will be more random. Sometimes I work two days in a row and nothing the next week. I’ll try to let you know when to expect the next post. That all starts in January.

I’m enjoying the variety of Christmas music we have here. There is my collection plus the CDs that are in here.

Well things are quieting down a little. Maybe I’ll get the chance to broom off the last of the leaves on the sidewalk! Have a great weekend!


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