Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

The Last Morning

The last morning of 2012 has past us by. A brand new morning. A brand new day. A brand new year is just about to rise. The dark of night will fall. And maybe, just maybe the sun will rise in the morning. (It usually does even if the clouds are hiding it from view. šŸ™‚ ) Everything changes and becomes new and different like the wind blowing around everything in its path.his is the last day of the year and it feels like I’m about to start another year that is going to look like a repeat of this year. Hopefully without the whole crashing into a telephone pole or catching a cold the day after Christmas. šŸ˜€ HoweverĀ despiteĀ those feeling I know that everything is going to change in one way or another. It always does. Whatever that change is… It is going to be fantastic!Ā Magnificent. An I can’t wait to see it.

Meanwhile I’m listening to my sister’s Josh Groban CDs that she got for Christmas while watching some of the best superĀ heroesĀ on DVD. Batman trilogy was on Friday and today we have Avengers and Captain America. šŸ™‚ It is a good ending to the year don’t you think? I’m back in at the shop on the 4th of January. My first day at the shop in 2013. Yeah I almost typed 2012 there. šŸ˜€ Maybe I’ll play some Doctor Who… No matter I just hope thing place gets as hopping as it was before Christmas! Friday and today have been so hopelessly slow. I had time to eat lunch and fill my envelopes as I went along. Which IĀ defiantlyĀ didn’t have time to do that right before Christmas!

The snow is piled everywhere. If there is a clear space where nobody walks or drives or parks it is piled high with snow. šŸ™‚ It hasn’t been like this for sometime. At home we have to keep shoveling outĀ the animals so they can have a place to play and do their animal things. šŸ™‚ The goats don’t seem to mind the snow except that it keeps freezing their water. The rabbits bury themselves in their hay. The chickens hate it. They can’t seem to figure out what to do about this cold white stuff that keeps piling upĀ in-frontĀ their door. My brother and I laughed about it but for them it must have been a bit discouraging to wake up in the morning to have your front door cover and buried in snow.

Yesterday I made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast/lunch some people call it brunch… I have so what of a habit of skipping over breakfast and jumping to lunch. All the while having cereal or oatmeal OR in this case pancakes at lunch time. It is probably the last time I make chocolate chip pancakes for a while. Mom is trying out this new way of eating. Some of it sounds prettyĀ fascinating. Other parts of it raise strange question marks in the pit of my stomach. Words that are probably good, like spelted flour for breads. It will be a total rewrite in the section of my brain labeled cooking. šŸ˜‰ The good part it there will be a lot more raw fruits and veggies. Which I enjoy. The bad part… well the not so favorable part of itĀ includes moreĀ fish. I’m not a big fan of sea food. My sister is, so I suppose I can get used to it. šŸ™‚ I keep forgetting what this diet thingy is called. Trim Down or something like that. I looked at a menu and it doesn’t seem to bad. We’ll see how it goes. Mom already found a few things see whats to change a bit.

Meanwhile I’m fighting off the last parts of a cold that started with a sore throat. I cured that part with peppermint. Love that stuff. I don’t have and cure for the stuffy nose part. All IĀ recommendĀ is a large supply of tissues,Ā preferableĀ soft ones with aloe. šŸ™‚ Good handĀ sanitizer and lots of soap and water. (Sanitizer doesn’t appear to want to be a word. hum.)

Anyway, I haven’t written a New YearsĀ resolution. I’m not sure what I want from this coming year. What I do know is it better end with my brother graduated! šŸ™‚ That kid needs to be out there doing the crazy things he does. I don’t see any desk jobs or books and paper work in his future. I do know that he may not always get what he wants but heĀ definitelyĀ gets what he needs.

Looking forward to another awesome year! Happy New Years to you all! Are you staying up to watch the New Years ring in? Any traditions you and your family and/or friends do leading up to the midnight stroke?


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