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A Week Of Happenings

Sorry about the delay in posting. I could create excuses but I don’t feel like wasting the time. 🙂 Although I am sure some of the reasoning will come out in this post.
I got to babysit the little man that I was a nanny for last year. We had an awesome weekend playing cars and trains and building what-nots out of blocks. He is growing up so fast and I think he gets cuter all the time! 🙂
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I got to spend with sis. We took some Senior pictures of her on Monday night… In the freezing cold. Despite the darkness we gat some good pictures. Turns out that Con’s camera has a very good… um bright flash. Here are a few of the cool ones. 🙂

Tuesday we spent cleaning the house of a lady who paints pictures. She used to have a spot in at the shop but hasn’t for quite a while. I used to love going through her space and admiring her work. I remember one with a wintery scene that had an old water wheel from an old lumber mill. It was so cool the way the water was done.
Wednesday was a visit with the Moppets.

No, not the Muppets like these.

muppet show cast

Something more like this.



(Please click on the images to follow them to the sites where they came from. I found them through Google images.)

At Mops I helped babysit kids. The group I was a part of was the four and five year olds. I did this when I was still in high school. It was a lot of fun then and still as interesting… When I did it before it was with a different group from somewhere else. Some of the same moms are a part of this group now. Things are of course run differently. It used to I bit more organized for the four and five year olds. There was a play time, a Bible story, soon followed by a craft or coloring page dealing in the same topic as the story, there was snack, and more play time. There was the part of the day that the kids looked forward to as much as the babysitters did… The time when mommies came to pick up their kiddies. It was then that I became and expert at making play dough roses. At the group I was with this time it was much more relaxed. A gentle man came in to read a story to any of the kids that would sit long enough to listen. Later there was a snack and the rest of the time was spent in play. Then the moms came to get their children. It just goes to show how things always change, how different people can be, and what works for one person doesn’t always work the same with the next. It doesn’t matter how thing run or how different they are as long as at the end of it all you get to see someone smile.

By Wednesday afternoon I was back home and wondering what we were going to make to fill out tummies at dinner. Mom was busy with sis’s mom cleaning a house. So sis and Re and even Con sat about with their eyes glued to books. My brother is reading through the Percy Jackson series right now and he is loving it. Which is something since it was so hard to get that boy to read anything that didn’t have to do with fixing or creating things that he wanted to do. 🙂 So way to go Rick Riordan great series.

Thursday sis and her mom were back up to our house for another of Mom’s cleaning jobs. One of those days we ordered pizza and the other I think I made soup… I don’t remember. Whatever it was it was good. I remember that. 🙂

Friday went by without any glitches… I think I manages a few naps and a bit of letter and journal writing.

Saturday was when I knew we were all in for an exciting week. It was so cold that the battery on my brother’s truck didn’t want to run. His car has a bad sensor he is trying to fix. Dad’s car died on his way home from work. So  my sister had to call of work and I had to find someone to cover for me here at the shop. It was and exciting mess. My brother rode his bike over to a friends house to borrow their truck. Did I mention that it was absolutely freezing outside? It proved that this wasn’t to be the last of the excitement to follow in the coming week.

Dad’s car was towed. Con went and picked him up in the borrowed truck. He later managed to jump start his own truck after the sun showed a few sparing moments of warmth.

Sunday… well it was a slow day. I finished another of my crochet projects. Which left me with a few sewing projects to keep me busy. 🙂 Pictures coming soon.


(P.S. This post was started Sunday afternoon. 🙂 )






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