Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Not A Clue

So I have no idea what to write today. I feel a bit of writers block kicking in… I think it might be from lack of actual writing. My stories had to be dusted off yesterday with the rest of my room.

I’m crocheting again. I have a project to finish up but I’m not sure what else it needs So I’m trying to find a way to get past the thinking stage and get the work done… It’s coming but slower than I’d like.

Enjoyed going to the church fellowship Sunday. Been a while since I was able to make it there. I was missing everything terribly. Dad and Mom got another car that as for now is actually running. 

Well it is just about time to leave the shop. I have to do some shopping at Walmart. Then home again. It’ll be nice to have the power back. The snow showers from yesterday through this morning made the roads a bit icy. There were a few accidents. I was glad everything was nice and cleaned off when I came in this morning. Still I’ve been cuddling up to the heater and watching a movie.While I was crocheting of course. 😀

Hope your all having a wonderful day! Safe travels! Spring is on the way everyone keeps telling me…


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