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Parenting and Antique Shops

The world seems fairly quiet today. The sky is gray and causing the day to seem dull. There is a slight dampness in the air and the flags are fluttering in the slight catches of wind. One wouldn’t expect today to be exciting for any reason. They might even be a bit leery of a storm of some kind.

Music in the background is making my brain actually work today instead if giving it a head ache as it has been doing. If I wasn’t writing then I’m sure I’d go crazy. I’m pretty sure that I am about to ramble on about little bits of nothing. It is Saturday and this should be allowed as another week is about to end.

Sure enough… it is sprinkling outside.

This morning has been kind of slow but not too bad. The phone was on the busy side which isn’t always the case. An not really something I’d care to become a habit… I have phone phobias… SH! It is our secret… 😉

It isn’t always the case but it was this morning. A mom came in with three of her children. Everyone was so nice and behaved. That doesn’t happen all the time. Some of the kids get cranky because the parents won’t let them down. Or they are reaching out of their strollers trying to catch hold of anything… just cause they know they shouldn’t. I know that when some dealers see kids come into their shops they get all nervous and figure that something expensive is about to be broken. (I’d just figure that is one less thing I need to find a way to bag… 😀 but then I don’t own anything that is actually expensive or that I’ve paid a lot for in the shop.) Mostly I watch the parents. It is interesting to see how they deal with their kids. Some of them are very patient and willing to explain the answers to the one-thousand-whys. Others just look around and let their kids wonder hoping that they stay close. Yet others continue to warn their kids not to touch anything. There are a hundred different ways that each situation is dealt with by various parents but you can almost tell as soon as they walk through the door just how these new little treasure seekers are going to act. I know that growing up around all these old things that when Dad took me into a shop I could almost immediately tell wether the person behind the counter was suspicious of me or not. It is interesting being the other person… The one behind the counter. So yes, when some kids walk through the door or are being pushed or carried through the door, my stomach lurches a little. Because I don’t own everything in here and I can’t forgive every little fall. Although it is mostly because I know that your small little monster you have their in your arms is about to be your worst night mare unless you don’t do something fast. Who am I … What could I say? All lessons will be taught. Some learned. An some learned the hardest way of all. When the glass falls…

will is shatter


will it hold fast?

So I think that I had a point to all that. Maybe not. 🙂

Anyway I hope you have bright yellow flowers sitting at your computer station or somewhere near by. Cause I’ve been promised Spring… and it is still to cloudy to see. I know I’m wishing there were some bright pretty yellow flowers somewhere to spark up the place. Instead there is this tiny basket of potpourri that is spilling all over the place and doesn’t even seem to have a fragrance anymore…


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  1. And from the viewpoint of the parent, one never knows if that bundle you carried in is going to be an angel today or a little monster ;)…..all days are different… the questions are amazing…the smiles delightful, but the grabbing is horrifying! LOL

    Comment by orthodoxmom3 | February 26, 2013 | Reply

    • I suppose that is true that all days are different… Maybe I didn’t think about that before. Thanks.
      your comment put a smile on my face so thanks again! 🙂

      Comment by joyofdawn | February 26, 2013 | Reply

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