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Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Life, Antique Shop, and Writing

The Cd in the player is Mountain Moods. It is an instrumental kind of music. I’m liking it and since I left my MP3 at home… It will have to do. 🙂

I’ve been at the shop for about an hour and a half. Mom spread this homemade carpet fresh on the carpet before she left… Now the whole place smells like sugar cookies and vanilla frosting. I am so hungry right now. When I make cookies and frosting later the fault will remain with her. 😀 Really though it smells really good in here. The heater kicks on and I’m pretty sure that if we could see smells I would see it swirling up around the front of the shop here. I really want a sugar cookie…

I’ve started crocheting a yellow baby blanket. I have a pink and blue one that are all done and sitting in a cloth Captain America bag. As of about a week and a half ago I got it into my head to try and sell all this baby stuff I’m making. I haven’t decided whether to get my own space or invade my parents area… Either way I am building up a supply at the moment. I have about a dozen bibs and a few burp cloths. I’m looking at more ideas.

It just won’t stop snowing. Winter will not give up. I am so ready for Spring. I ready for the snow to stop thawing and leaving the ground in such a terrible state. I go and do the chores in the morning… I dislike sinking into the ground. 🙂 I’ve been trying to go out early before the ground has a time to thaw after the nightly freeze. If the frost it still sticking to the dead grass I’m good. There are a few little greens poking out of the ground. It gives me a slight hope that we might get to see a few flowers soon.

It is one o’clock now… Past lunch. I packed this terrific chicken potpie that Mom made last night. We haven’t had it in a while. It is really good. I haven’t eaten lunch yet. Still not hungry after the oatmeal I had this morning. Oatmeal with raisins and brown sugar of course. 🙂

I was busy helping one of the ladies at the shop set up the window… Well, reset up the window. She took all the little things out only to find out that it didn’t need to be done until next weekend… So we put somethings back in. We had a few good laughs and the window got a face lift. Next week it will get it’s make over.

Mom is coming over soon to work on fixing up our booth. We have to get it all settled now that it is the end of the month. We’ve decided to take six panel instead of the nine that we had. So we are squeezing the last of our stuff together and trying to make it functional. Getting ready for the new vendor to take over the new space next to us.

I work again next weekend. This weekend I get to look in on some friends goats. They are going to be traveling. So I’ll feed and water them in the morning, come home and do my regular chores. Something like that anyway. I like being helpful when I can.

I’m going to go and look over a friends school paper. I just look over them and suggest fixes. I’m not a major English buff but I can tell when something doesn’t sound quite right. I know that having another person looking over what I write is very helpful because they can catch the things I don’t see or… really didn’t want to see. 🙂 I’m also helping my brother with his research paper. He isn’t a big writer…. He really isn’t a little writer either so it is a challenge. Although we do pretty well when he decides to concentrate and work on the task at hand. It is so much easier to look at trucks and welding tools… 🙂 Anyway, Mom dead lined us for the end of this week. I hope we can come up with at least a manageable first draft by then! So yes I am working on writing… Just none of it is my own. lol I am working on a research paper right along the same subject as my brother to help him see what he can really dig out of all the information he is reading. I don’t know if it is helping him but it is keeping me sane will we work. 😀


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