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Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

One Week After Another

I’ve had this page open for like five minutes… I really have NO idea what to write about today. So I’ll start with the small stuff.

This past week went great! The weather was beautiful at the beginning then it led into some rain. Which is better than the foot of snow my cousin got in North Dakota. 🙂 We started gardening. Dad made a few more raised beds from hay bales. He also put some carrot seeds in the ground. We’ve been keeping them covered during the chilly days. He also put out some spinach seeds. He has a lot of other plants started in the basement. There are lights down there that he is keeping on them. He put some videos on his YouTube Channel, weavers1acrefarm. 

Re started her flower beds. She has two beds she built and filled with soil. Some of her seeds are started in the house. We just noticed the other day that they were popping up. We decided to incorporate the herb bed into the flower beds so late this summer or early fall we will start working on that. We are going to do our best to kill of the weeds with black plastic but we want to use the chives that have started to grow. So far they are the only thing that survived the weed war from last year… Re also brought home some basil plants. I hope they work out for us this year. My last two basil plants didn’t live happily ever after. The first year ground bees nested right below the plant. When we burned them out we burned the roots off my basil. The second year I discovered the need for a fence… A rabbit came and chewed my basil to the ground the day after I planted it. So fingers are crossed that these will make it through the summer. 🙂 I’m going to take a safety measure and keep one in the house just to be sure.

Sis has her birthday/graduation party coming up so I’ve been working on her present. Hope to finish it up tonight though. I was working on the one section and had to cut something… end up cutting some fabric. So I seam ripped and cut out a new piece. I’m really close to finishing it now though. I can’t tell you what it is yet because she might just read my blog… Then the surprise will be ruined. 🙂 I love the way the colors worked out. At first I was a little worried but now I love it so much that I wanted to keep it. That may have something to do with me loving these things as it is. The most exciting part is that I made my own pattern from another pattern I made. I love this one better that any of the ones I’ve bought! So easy and too cute! Okay enough…

I’ve made this Blueberry Coffee Cake three times this past week. Once for church (which was a double batch), the other two times just for us. It is awesome! I replaced the cream cheese with sour cream for church and the second batch I made for us. I liked it better that way.

I finished crocheting the yellow blanket. It turned out really cute. Re said she liked it better than the blue and pink ones. I tend to agree with her. Now I’m waiting for our trip to the city to get some green yarn. I have an idea of what I want and Walmart doesn’t have it. So I want to try JoAnns. Went to the fabric store for the project mentioned above… I couldn’t leave without a new skirt fabric. I know I owe you a picture… I’m working on that. I really need a second conscience to go to the fabric store with me! Something to talk me out of buying fabric! 🙂 I also got a green fabric that I want to use to make a casserole cover. I’m going to look through my collection to see what I have to match it. I was too afraid to look when I was at the store… I’m thinking a black fabric… In which case I’ll be headed back to the store. I don’t really have any black. I’m just discovering how lovely that color can be. If you can’t tell I’ve been keeping busy sewing when I’m not outside.

Played a few games of Volley Ball with friends yesterday. Thanks to all these new activities I’m a little sore. Honestly it feels good. I’m hoping the weather stays nice so I can take walks. Esther, the dog, has WAY too much energy. She is just as excited about Spring as the rest of us. The only one not liking Spring is Bob. That cat is so mad at Re for being outside and not in his room… ummm… her bedroom hanging out with him. I’ve never seen him so jealous. I can’t help but laugh because it is so funny. Then I feel bad for laughing at him when he is so distressed. Poor boy wishes it was always winter and never Christmas. Wrong wardrobe… 😉

Today the shop has made a total of six dollars… Yeah it is a bit slow. Then Mondays always are as a rule. Rules can always be broken though. 🙂 I took the time to look over Con’s report. Now I know where we are at an how much work he still has left. I think we are a little past the half way point of being done with it. Sigh. The library books are due back next Monday. So I hope we can work on it this week and get it done.


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