Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Spring, Music, Sunshine

I’m loving the beautiful Spring weather. Didn’t care much for the pouring down rain. Mom and I had to go to the store in it. I was soaked just running from the house to the car! The warmth and sunshine have been most delightful. I’m enjoying looking at the brightness today since I’m sitting in the shop. Still a bit windy here though.

Sunday was sis’s piano recital. Re played a duet with her. I can’t remember what the song is called. The recording I made isn’t the best but here it is.

Here are some of the pictures that were taken.

recital 2013 b 090

recital 2013 b 085

recital 2013 tree

They took a picture under this tree last year. I don’t have it on my computer right now.

I’ll see about adding it to the next post.

recital 2013 a 035

This is sis’s single.

recital 2013 a 030

Here is Re’s single.

recital 2013 a 039

And there is Me. 🙂

So glad it was such a lovely day! Here is the LINK to the duet they did last year.

Pretty short post this week. Sorry about that. I’m marking the tags on everything in our booth with a red star so we can still run a sale on them and add in the new items we’ve been collecting. I still have a lot to mark so I better be going.

Hope your getting to enjoy some sunshine!


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