Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Early Mornings

There is still that early morning chill in the air. My CD alarm has been going off for the last nineteen minutes but I was already downstairs. I should go turn it off…

Got a bunch of books out of the library yesterday. I’m doing research for a new story I’m writing. I’ve got post-its on my wall of a mind map. I’m not sure how the story is going to go but I do have an idea for an ending. Which for me means it is at least writable. If I don’t have a goal for the ending then I can’t write the story. I discovered that problem when I first start writing stories. I’m excited to be creating something new. Still working on my WIP but maybe not as hard as I should be. I’m right at the edge of a section that will change her world and I’m just not sure where to take it. So I’m doing what I always do give the story some space until I feel the urge just to write through the hard part.

I like mornings to be quiet. There is the moment of peace that seems to carry me through the day. Almost as though it defines how the day is going to work out. If I start my morning by waking up and rushing to get moving or to an annoying blaring sound from an alarm; the day just doesn’t seem to go the way it ought to. So I like quiet slow mornings where my mind has a chance to catch up and rethink and start new. 

I also enjoy breakfast… We’re out of milk this morning. Maybe toast and eggs. We have soooo many eggs right now.

Sis is coming by later today so we can practice the song we are playing at her graduation. The chores still need done. I should go turn off my alarm. Plus I’m sure Esther would like to have breakfast. She knows that word now.

Good morning! Hope you get to enjoy a beautiful day! Many blessings to you! ❤


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