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Internet, Cell Phones, and Turkeys

Before I get into any of that….



This is the picture of the new skirt I made. The one I said I’d get to you a few weeks ago… πŸ™‚ I took it quick this morning before I left to come to the shop. So it isn’t very good. Sorry about that. The lace I made is sewn to the slip underneath so you can’t see it in this picture. I was going to get a picture of that but forgot. Not very good at this am I?

So I tried the internet earlier… It didn’t want to work for me. Sitting right next to the modem and Nope, Na-Da, Nothing. It does that to me all the time. Sometimes I’ll be writing a post and it is just gone. I don’t know what is up with those gadgets but for being such a high tech world I’d think someone would have created a piece of equipment that works.

That wasn’t the end of the world because I’m back to crocheting…Β Plus there was a guy here replacing the fuse box so I thought… um better not get to involved on the computer anyway. πŸ™‚ Then I was texting sis… and my phone stopped letting my send text. General Error it said. It is a prepaid phone so I know it has minutes… Just being rude! Now the internet is on but my phone still isn’t working. So unreliable. πŸ™‚

It has been slow today and even with the crocheting I’ve been bored. I wondered around for a bit but I’m trying not to buy anything right now. So I didn’t look real hard.

We got turkeys a few days ago. Three bronze birds just getting in their wing feathers. Pretty cute little critters at this point. Not that you should let that fool you… They have been driving us crazy! They are very social. The first night Mom played a two hour movie just so she could go to sleep without listening to them. They like to be talked to and have people around. Turkeys are very curious and, as we discovered this year, can get bored. Personally I prefer raising turkeys to chickens. Although I’m not very fond of the bronze as they get very aggressive. I’m not crazy about getting chased about the yard by some big puffed up bird on a bad mood swing. The white turkeys don’t get like that until just about the time to have them for dinner. Which is much nicer. πŸ™‚ When we do finally get them outside they will probably want to follow us around the yard. We’ll have to make sure they don’t see us cross the road when we go for walks or they will try to come with us. Very awkward situation since the road is a very busy one. Yes they have followed us acrossed in previous years. So far so good though.

turkey 2 turkey 3


This one isn’t getting along with his friends so he is separated until his little wound heals. He wants to be back in with them but they aren’t being nice to him. He likes to be out of the box walking around… but we can’t always keep an eye on him and there is Bob to be reckoned with…

Bob the catHe looks innocent enough doesn’t he? πŸ™‚



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