Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Selling… or not.

It has been a very slow morning here at the shop. I didn’t mind so much since I have plenty to keep me busy today. I was rearranging the things in the booth so that it looked a bit more presentable… I not done yet. When there are people in here I don’t like to be in the booth so I made my way to the front. When they left I was really hungry so I ate lunch. By that time I was finishing looking at FaceBook and Pinterest. I’m supposed to be giving Conner’s ten page paper a final grade. Instead as I read over it I can feel myself getting tired. Wishing I had remembered to bring my crocheting. 🙂 I had to change my music and hope for the best.

The sunshine is so gorgeous today. Everyone I talk to is gardening or cleaning grills or something that has to do with being outside. I’m a tad bit jealous. I guess I’ve had my days of sunshine. Re and I are doing the whole flower bed and making over the herb garden… Well I went and transplanted the oregano that came up. I’m hoping it doesn’t stunt it from growing too badly. Planted my cilantro in pots. We’ll want that when we make salsa. 🙂 The chives are probably ready to be cut. I need to look up how to store them again.  I’m always amazed how fast the chives grow.

Mom planted cauliflower seeds a couple of days ago and they have already sprouted! We couldn’t believe it. They won’t be ready to go outside for a couple of weeks probably but they seem to be fast growers. 🙂 Mom also bought three more turkeys today. These are white instead of bronze. Didn’t matter to Esther, she was all excited again and very protective. I think she enjoys having new birds on the farm more than the rest of us combined.

Talking about that dog. She found herself a little friend outside. A foot and a half long slithering forked tongue friend. Yeah it’s a snake. Pretty sure it is a gardener not that I really know what is what. It doesn’t have a rattle on its tail so I know we are good. 🙂 The snake doesn’t much appreciate the dogs company. It tries to hide. Even burrowed its self a little hole in the ground. Easter tore up the hole and barked the poor guy out of hiding. Can’t believe I’m feeling bad for a snake. Found it in the garden yesterday. A safe place away from the dog. Plenty of places for it to hide. An a good supply of bugs and other plant-eating critters for it too much on in there. As long as it doesn’t bother me I won’t bother it. I don’t know how Dad feels about it though. He may decide to erm… relocate it. 🙂 That is if it doesn’t get stupid and go check out the chickens… Cause that is definitely the last sight-seeing it’ll ever do. Our birds will likely consider it a worm…

Re and I are packing and getting things around for Wednesday. (Just the stuff we know we want to bring but don’t need to be using right now.) We are going to spend a few days at Sis’s house before her Birthday/Graduation Day party. Plans are to go shopping, see Iron Man 3, star gaze, make more food than we can probably eat, dress up, do crazy girl stuff, and have a blast. There are also a few responsible thing that I didn’t list, like babysitting, cleaning house, and decorate for the big day.

We are, as you can probably imagine, quite excited. I’m trying to reassure my brain that I don’t really need to bring EVERYTHING I could POSSIBLY need. Only the items I DEFINITELY need. Otherwise I will probably pack most of my bedroom… Mom tells me I’d take the kitchen sink if I could… Well I realize she is joking but if we wanted to be realistic then I’d tell you that she is definitely wrong. I’d never take the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink is much smaller and would suit the purpose just as well. 😉

So far today the shop has sold two items for a total of fifteen dollars. I have three more hours. This would be a not so very good day, especially for a Friday. Then again reason would say, “Duh! It is WAY too nice out to be running around shopping.” To which I’d reply, “True but it is also too nice a day to be feeling like I could take a nap and no one would notice.”

I think I’m getting a bit strange now. Before someone decides to report me as insane I’m going to go work on my brother’s paper like I’m supposed to be doing.

One more thing before you go. I put some of my homemade bibs and burp cloths out for sale for the first time today!! I bought my own tags and started and inventory and everything. I don’t have the supply I’d like to for starting out with but I’m working on it. Almost done crocheting a blanket. I have the yarn for the green one. I’ll be working on that one soon. Then I’m going to be bringing those over to sell.


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