Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

An UnPlanned Day

Today is starting out well. (Can you hear the sarcasim?) Dad is getting new tires on the car. Now my tablet published my post instead of just saving it…

It really isn’t a bad day. Just one of those ones you laugh through because everything is working out… just not the way you thought it was going to. 🙂 So the truck wouldn’t start. Mom had a cleaning job and I was supposed to come to the shop… Dad had the car at the garage. Now Mom cleans tomorrow. I’m at the shop, after one of the dealers opened up this morning for me. Honestly I don’t know why I’m here. Three people all day. Three. Yup. Bored. I’m playing music… loudly. Surfing YouTube for music I might like but haven’t heard yet. Okay, make that four and the music is turned down. 🙂

The internet crashed again. WordPress still lets me type… Aren’t they nice. 😉 Nothing will save and I’ll have to probably re-boot the modem again to kick it back into gear. It isn’t that the internet service is bad… I’m sitting right under the modem and it couldn’t be better. According to some websites it is that the modems the company hands out aren’t very good. Not that it will matter since we are canceling the internet here at the shop. So fingers crossed that I’ll type posts and publish them when I get in internet range.

Yay! I sold my first burp cloths here at the shop!! I did tell you I was doing that didn’t I? I made up some bibs and burp cloths. End of April beginning of May I brought them to the shop. I still have some things in the making to bring over. I sold my first handmade items! I plan on doing some pictures but… I don’t have them ready yet. I’m working on a green and white crocheted blanket. Now I’m just hoping my sewing machine will straighten up once I get the fuzz blown back out of it again.

Spending the weekend with Sis ’cause she is so awesome! 🙂 We are going to be going to a graduation party. I don’t know what else we will do. Haven’t thought it out that far.

I have some letter and journal writing to do so I’ll let you go enjoy the lovely weather we have today. The rain the past few days has turned the ground to mush in the back yard at home. We mucked out the pens about a week ago now… With the rain and everything… It is so smelly down there. Better than it was though! Goats should be kidding in about two weeks. Well the one will kid then and the other will be a week or so behind her.  We still haven’t got that all planned out yet… We are using the pen that we kept the kids in last year so we might have to buy another one… Have you ever priced a dog kennel? We could probably make something but it the fencing will have to be at least six foot high and sturdy enough that they can’t push the fencing away when they rub up against it… or ram their siblings into it. 🙂

Okay seriously now… I’ll let you go. Have a great weekend!


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