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It’s Late… and a YouTube Video

It is late on a Saturday night. I am two posts behind… I’ve worked at the shop twice now… Sorry. Hopefully you find it in the kindness of your heart to forgive me. Maybe if I give you a video with ME actually in it… You might be more inclined to forgiveness? 🙂

Sis and I have started making videos. I just found out today that she has posted one with me already in it… Her YouTube channel is VoTaco. We want to start a channel together and do more videos together. I’ll let you in on that as soon as we decide on a name and create the channel! Our plan for the week is to create a video everyday this week while I watch the little man. Did I mention he is three now!?

Sorry bunny trail.

We’ll wait until nap time or after he has gone to bed. That way we don’t get distracted and forget about routines or the little man. 😉

So video here.


On a side note. I am watching the little man right now. We are having so much fun. His creativity is amazing! But as I was saying it is late and I have a little man to look after in the morning. Night!

P.S. We have two baby girl goats at home! So cute! I’ll share the video later.


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