Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Sooo now it is pretty much autumn…

It is chilly outside more than it is warm. I call that a fall day. The good news is I get to pull out all my sweaters and scarves and other warmies! 🙂 The bad news is I’m never sure when I should wear them and when I shouldn’t. Lol
I apologize for not posting… I almost forgot I had a blog. No, I’m just kidding. 🙂  I’ve been pretty busy. Although that isn’t a good excuse. I’ve been trying to think of something to post about. Everything is crazy and there should be tons to say.
I had a birthday. I no longer talk about my age. 😉  I woke up and forgot it was my birthday until Dad reminded me. 🙂  I made an awesome cake. Forgot to take pictures but it was so good. I’ll have to put that in another post.
So… what brought me here today? I was having one of those really good days that couldn’t possibly get better when all the sudden it didn’t. Someone had to give me just the bad news I didn’t want to hear. At least that person was honest and someone told me. Unfortunately it ruined my perfectly good mood. I think that they do these things to me just to see if I can smile through it. 🙂  Anyway it does remind me how good, good times can be and how wonderful smiles are. If there wasn’t bad there couldn’t be good.
I’m going to spend sometime seeking His will until the people who are supposed to give me the news finally do. Sometimes I think I know exactly what I’m doing. I think I’m exactly where I should be. Then something gets thrown in that makes me question everything.
He loves me. He has a plan. And may His mercy endure forever.


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