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Cookies and another busy day

It is so cold in the mornings! I don’t mind so much, but it does mean I get to wear all my warm sweaters! 🙂  maybe I should pull out the hot cocoa…

By mid afternoon it is usually about seventy degrees. So it has been hard to know if I need to take a sweater with me somewhere or not. In sticking with layers that I can pull off as needed, so far so good. 🙂

I started violin lessons this past Saturday. It is nice to be working on improving myself. He is a really good teacher that my friend goes to. She says she wishes she could find a piano teacher that teaches just like he does.

Yesterday Mom and I cleaned a house and today I’m home. So I have a lot of thing I want to do. Probably too many things but I have to start somewhere right?! 😀

One of the things I want to do is make these Zucchini Cookies. Since I’m on my tablet I’ll have to add the link in the old fashion way.

I’m going to follow the recipe today but I want to try using almond flour or coconut flour at some point… If they turn out to be any good! 🙂  I was originally looking for a recipe Mom made once. I think it might be the one that follows but I’m not sure.

So I might have to give them a try to. We have all these different flours mom was trying to use… Someone might as well try to use them up. Heehee

Besides that… I’m working on a menu to use food from the freezers. They are simply too full and since it is hunting season… Hopefully we’ll make some room before the boys get a deer. Otherwise we’ll have to do it all up at once and can the whole thing. Which would be really good, just a very VERY long day.

Those are the two things that sound interesting. Everything else is dropping off bills, gas in the car, library, and dishes, maybe laundry.

There is sign language class this week. Should probably pull out the words and practice them a bit more. Then Saturday we are going to the Pa Grand Canyon… Hopefully there will still be some pretty leaves on the trees by then. 😀

I suppose I should go get busy! 🙂 Hoping you are having a fun and safe week!


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  1. The cookies look amazing. So have you actually made cookies from almond flour or coconut flour that you enjoyed? I’ve only tried making a couple of things with almond flour and ….cough…cough…blah…. I just can’t seem to even remotely want more. Is coconut flour better? I find the almond flour too gritty… maybe I’m wishing it was fluffy like wheat flour and just isn’t… but …. what is your opinion?

    Just wondering…. Ted and I are dipping our feet into the Paleo diet… it’s not a low carb diet as we don’t count carbs or worry about what vegetables we’re eating (other than try to stay away from white potatoes) and we don’t stay away from fruit at all, just don’t make it a lone course , but it focuses on staying away from grains and legumes for health reasons. So….. the only options for occasional ‘treats’ that are baked is with almond flour or coconut flour… no rice or any other flour…. though I may cave and just use some gluten free flour for the occasional treat if I can’t master almond or coconut…. I got to have my at least occasional yummy… you know? 😉

    Comment by orthodoxmom3 | October 8, 2013 | Reply

    • There is this coconut cookie that we made once. They were sooo good that we of course lost the recipe. grrr.
      The ones I made today weren’t so great. The zucchini ones weren’t bad but the recipe needs some reworking to make it moister… I decided to use coconut flour in it after all which is why I think it was dry. The almond ones are good if your in love with almonds and have a bathroom handy…
      I haven’t had the greatest experiences with these flours but I haven’t used them much either. We kind of bought them and then haven’t done too much with them. I want to find yummy ways to use them! 🙂 I’m thinking that if I soak the coconut flour in the wet ingredients of the recipe for several minutes it might help moisten it…. or if I use it with things that help make thing moister. It is a theory anyway! The texture and flavor aren’t too bad but the just aren’t what the wheat is.
      Is the Paleo diet like the wheat belly thing? I’ve been hearing things about wheat belly lately. I think cutting back on wheat is a good thing because too much of anything is bad. There is wheat in so much stuff now. Although I don’t see wheat as a source of all the worlds health problems. 🙂 Eating more fruits and veggies is always a good thing!
      Mom is trying to cut out some wheat, so for right now I’m looking at trying to limit it to just once a day. If we have more, we have more but it is a nice goal!
      Definitely need those yummy treats! 😀

      Comment by joyofdawn | October 9, 2013 | Reply

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