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An Amazing Weekend

This weekend… It was one of the most amazing ones ever! Alright, so Friday wasn’t much to speak of. Mom and I had a half hearted cleaning job to do. We had this job offered to is by a realtor from a group we rarely deal with. We usually don’t mind but as Mom said after we took the job… We don’t seemed to have a very good experience with them. Every time we get a job from the it is a hassle or a disaster. They don’t seem to understand that when we come into a job we do what we can to make the place spotless and as new looking as we possibly can. We aren’t really a service that can do a quick run through to knock down the cobwebs and vacuum the rugs when the window sills are as dirty as the base boards or the last owner never cleaned the oven. So we are trying to decide whether to explain what it is that we do or just stop accepting jobs through them. We could just do the half hearted jobs but that is putting our small family business on the line of a bad name. So Friday wasn’t so exiting.
Saturday on the other hand… I woke at 5:30 to take my sister to work. I had violin lesson number two at 8:30. That went very well. He is correcting my positioning of the violin from my chin to my fingers. Hopefully we’ll work on my bowing hand soon because I don’t like the way I hold it at all. Just doesn’t feel right. Taking lessons has made me feel like there is a whole new aspect that I never thought of in the instrument I played all most my whole life! It is nice to know that there is so much more to learn.
Anyway, saturday started off really well and just continue to get better. At 11:00 my friend had a jewelry party with sleepleslikes. I bought a new bracelet and got my sister something for Christmas, well to add to what I already have.  She found what I already had for her but that was completely my fault… I left it laying out in my room and then invited her in… Yeah I am blond. 🙂
We left the party and headed to the PA Grand Canyon. I had plan a walk there, hoping that we would get to see the Fall foliage. However it didn’t turn out quite like that. For one thing, the foliage has pretty much disappeared, and for two, when we showed up, there was barely any parking to be found. Apparently not only was there a wedding party, there was also a Subaru rally. This made it just a tidbit awkward for me because yeah I plan this, but I hadn’t expected there wasn’t going to be anywhere to park. We did of course get parked.
On the way down the Canyon my sister ended up twisting her ankle. This is Tuesday and it is still a little swollen, black and blue but she went to work anyway. That was probably the first downing moment of the whole weekend. We continue to walk, some resting along the way but everybody was having fun . At the top again, my sister did a bit of shopping, then most of us headed to Wellsboro Pizza Hut. There were so many things we were laughing at, there’s no way I’d ever remember most of it. Of the group that joined us, half went home and the rest of us hung out in Wellsboro until 10:30.
It was a pretty crazy evening. One of those times that mom s always said she had as a teenager… Minus any of the really in appropriate stuff like alcohol or cigarettes or boys. It wasn’t just sis and I, my brother and one of sis’s friends was there. We’ve gotten to know him a little lately. Anyway, we walked and walked and walked mostly the Main Street in Wellsboro. We stopped at the Wired Rooster, that is where some of us say that my brother got himself wired. He had his first espresso shot. If it was up to me it would have been his last! He had coffee at the pizza place then the espresso… He was soooooo hyped up. I never thought he would be normal again! We were laughing at him for a while. 🙂 He was probably the craziest of all of us. Though I think sis was a close second. 😀
Sis’s friend likes to occasionally break out in song. Most of which I don’t know but I like to listen because he has a really nice voice. Sometimes I listen to the songs he sang later on youtube but the truth is that I usually like his version better. He did start singing the craziest song I’ve heard in a while. We were laughing the rest of the night about that.
It was late and I was thinking we should probably start to think about heading home. The trolley kept going up and down the road through town. We were stilling on a bench because my legs were sore by this point. I’d been walking most of the day! Didn’t mind since we were having so much fun. Although the soreness is just seeing in. I was expecting it first thing Monday. Nope, it waited til Tuesday.
So my brother kept having the trolley ring the bell. It was pretty late so he just did a light ring. Then as he was about to pass us again he pulled over and backed up. At first we were a little leery, it was late as you remember. He opened the door and asked us what we were doing in town this late sitting on a bench. Then he offered us a ride. We accepted. It really was fun but we questioned our sanity later. The guys on board were pretty funny. They sang all the songs that came on the radio. I didn’t know any of them. We got off the first chance we received. I considered it another of the highlights of the evening. Like I said, we did eventually go home. However we didn’t reach there until 10:30 ish. Mom encouraged an earlier curfew next time we were out. Because we were sooo tire, and this coming from Sis who doesn’t like getting to bed before 2 AM, we were pretty quiet.  Mom got a little concerned… Okay a lot concerned. Running around town late at night is the most unnormal thing for me that anyone who knows me would consider. Since we weren’t very talkative mom had all these scenarios. I got to reassure her in the morning that we didn’t do anything inappropriate, maybe a bit childish but nothing bad at all. She was contented and much relieved. I never meant to worry her. We didn’t know we we’re acting funny when we came in the house. We were so tire we weren’t thinking much of anything besides bed at that point. Oh, and much needed showers after walking the canyon! 🙂
Sunday was neatly just as exciting. Usually when Sis is up we go to the Baptist church. This week we took her to the fellowship. My brother drove, which is good and bad news. One, he is a crazy driver. Two, he is a crazy driver. And three, church was in New York so without him driving we wouldn’t have gone.
The meeting went very well considering a lot of things that are going on right now. Got to meet my friends newest addition. She has a little boy and he is precious. I think I love singing the most but I equally enjoy listening to what God is doing in everyone’s life. There is always something to pick up every time they meet.
After lunch I had a chance to hold little Ivy. She is cute! Mostly smiles and likes to look around. Okay she loves looking around. She also likes her grandma and she likes her momma even more. 😀
Then it was the regular game of volley ball. Sis has way too much fun. My brother kept suggesting that we might want to get going but sis and I were having fun. We stuck around almost the whole day. I got punched in the jaw. Never had that happen before. Dad says if your going to hit a Weaver… It should never be anywhere on the head. 😉 I felt worse for him than I did my jaw. It is still a bit sore when I open it up wide or when I yawn but nothing to really complain about. For him… He hurt his hand pretty good. He was very concerned about me, which was sweet. Yet there he was holding his hand, he had to quite playing for a while. I felt so bad! My jaw was warm for the rest of the day but otherwise not too much else. That would probably be the second downing moment of the weekend. Hoping his hand is getting much better by now!
The third downing moment was the end of and amazing weekend. We spent the evening until the very last minutes talking. At least sis and I did. There is so much going on right now that we had plenty to discuss before she went home! 🙂 I miss having her here. Monday we went to her house. The moms had planned a sewing day. It was pretty wild when we arrived there. Three little kids running around and I had thought that we were crazy! Wewere nothing in comparison. 😉 Sis and I finally did get to play violins together. Monday wasn’t so bad, just not quite add good as the weekend… But is it ever. 🙂  it was like having a reality check but isn’t it always when life goes back to boring old normal and sous is at her house and I’m at mine. Sometimes… Alright! A lot of times I wish we lived closer.

Today is boring old Tuesday and I have to come back to Earth. 😀

There are other things going on in my life that I don’t have answers to. I can’t do anything about it. I’m waiting. Trusting the Lord and praying for His will. I’m impatiently waiting to see what He has next all the while knowing that He isn’t ready yet. So I’m waiting and doing what I can to be quiet and lean on Him.


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