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A Week Of Forgetting

What I didn’t mention in the last post was how schedules on Calenders are cool now…. Only if you actually remember to check them and make sure you don’t have anything important going on that day…. Yeah this happened to me twice last week… I don’t know where my brain went…. Well actually that’s not true… I know exactly where my brain was and where it wasn’t.
I’m not worried or stressed out over anything but I’m not as focased on the things at hand as I need to be. So…. I’m spending my spare minutes reminding myself what I’m supposed to be doing today and what I have planned for tomorrow. So far so good…. But this is only Tuesday… Although that was when it all stated last week.
See I was supposed to work at the shop on Tuesday. Well because my brain was distracted and not focussing on what I was supposed to be… I completely forgot. I wasn’t feeling well so I went back to bed.
At three in the afternoon I finally got the message on the answering machine…. A very humbled me had to call an apologize. Because of the last post stuff I didn’t make any excuses… There really wasn’t a good reason for forgetting anyway. I just rearranged the schedule to work the next day for the person who had worked for me.
I thought the rest of the week went pretty well. Then came Saturday… I took my sister to work and went back to bed for and hour or so… I was doing some things getting ready to have Sis over. 8:45 I came down the stairs and found out it was Saturday…. The day of my violin lesson, which is at 8:30… Ran back up the stairs with the phone and hunted down the phone number… Which had blown behind a set of drawers the day before. So there I was apologizing again! I explained what happened and totally exlonger that I was just going to miss that lesson. He is such a nice guy that he said we could do a longer lesson this week. I’ve felt so bad! I don’t think my life is too crazy that I shouldn’t remember these things… But maybe there was a reason for all this that I don’t understand yet. Or maybe… I just need to put my thoughts away and focus on what is at hand. 🙂

I need to have a little more quiet time with the Lord and take life slightly slower. 🙂


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