Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy


There are a few things I’ve been thinking about lately… I think today might have helped me figure out a few things. I’ll see if I can explain my thoughts so they are at least a little understandable. 🙂

Lately I noticed that when making an apology… a lot of times it will be followed by an excuse. Now I’m going to ask you a question… cause I’m still trying to figure these things out. If someone does something to you then they apologize. It might not completely fix things but doesn’t it make you feel a little better… or make you feel guilty for not acting as nice as you could have, right? I mean isn’t that the way it is supposed to be? Isn’t that the way we’re always told to do it? What gets me lately are excuses… Is there really ever a valid reason for doing anything that we need to apologize for. An… does the excuse really help make anything better. I know I miss a lot of things that I don’t see until later…. if I ever do see it. 🙂 So I’m wondering if anyone else has an opinion about this. As I’ve been thinking about it I haven’t heard an apology followed by an excuse that I actually liked hearing. I’m not saying that there isn’t one… Just that I haven’t heard one lately. Is there one out there that I’m missing? I know it has me thinking about what I say when I apologize to people.

Anyway… when my brain isn’t on overdrive I’ve been hanging out with Sis a lot. We are having so much fun that it is definitely on the verge of crazy all the time. Turns out that Sis LOVES playing Volley Ball. Which is great because I do too. So took her to church on Sunday… Didn’t she drag her friend along with her. 😉 I should have a blog name for him… I’m still thinking about that. Cause I’ve given every one else one! Sis and Con and Re… Mom and Dad are still just Mom and Dad though… kinda didn’t need any there. lol. Probably more I just can’t remember.

Church was just around the corner from where I live. Sis’s friend came to my house… If you know me… then you probably know my brother… and if you know Con then you know what the front yard looks like. Somehow we managed to squeeze another car in! (Con is working on getting some of the spare cars to the scrap yard or junk yard… Just waiting on a few things…) We weren’t the first people to church but we definitely weren’t the last. The best part… I didn’t have to hunt a parking place. lol 😀 Everything went pretty well. Dadda came to church… This was pretty special for us! There were lots of songs as usual. Then there was a discussion. Maybe I’ll write a little about that in another post… By brain is too busy being on over drive to write out my thoughts on that yet.

We played Volley Ball. Sis’s friend… Maybe I should just call him Dear… But that is a story I’m not ready to explain… or I could put down Jowd… but then I’m just not sure, but Sis’s friend… Is just too long to keep typing in… Besides Sis has more than one friend and that could get confusing! Anyhow… He was definitely not having as much fun with it as sis… or maybe it was a different kind of fun. 🙂 I don’t know. So while Volley Ball was good. The games of Uno we played back at my house were way better. (Sis may not agree with me on that… but that we’d just have to agree to disagree… or not. 😀 ) We actually had someone over to the house! Mom is great! It has been quite a while since she let is have anyone but Sis over. Then again we’ve been doing pretty good at clearing the house out. Still, my Mom is the best!

After Dear left, (Sorry, that will have to do for now until I think up something better or give an explanation…) Mom, Sis, and I played Parcheesi and Dutch Blitz. Haven’t played either of those in a long while! I won the board game and we all had our fair share of wins with Blitz. Re… she was fantastic! She made popcorn and sugar cookies………… The BEST sugar cookies ever! Sorry to all you readers who think you’ve got the best sugar cookies… But it is hard to beat Re when it comes to baking. (hand raised) Believe me I know! 😀

So after sating up to one o’clock… Sis and I finally decided to turn out the lights and quit talking…. Then it was Monday all over again…. Her mom came and stole her away from me and I thought the awesomeness of my week was about to end with a crash until next weekend…. Turns out I’ll get to see her tomorrow…. Which if I don’t get moving will be later today… And then again on Wednesday for Sign Language class! Then… on Saturday. Friday is supposed to be and interesting day… But that has nothing to do with Sis… Which almost seems impossible. It’ll all have to wait for another post… cause this blondy needs sleep… First she needs a shower. So Night! Five comes wayyyy too early. Should have been asleep at least an hour ago!


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