Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy


The best invention since the telephone has been chat, on everything from Google Drive to whatever social media you prefer. Texting just isn’t quite the same. It works as a good compromise but everything is so short and non-descript as we try to squeeze in as much in as little as possible. When chatting with friends online it is completely different! In all the best ways. I’ve been doing a lot more of that lately.

Three weeks ago or so Sis, Re, and I were chatting on Google Drive while I was working on making a menu. The conversation that struck up was hilarious! I was creating idea boxes with a menu idea in each of the spaces. Kind of hard to explain without a picture! Anyway, we ended up writing the word Indeed in as a suggestion. From there it just went wild! We were cooking up a pot of Indeed and the ingredients we were right along the same lines. By the time we got to dessert… We’d gone to positive words that reinforce and build up to sins like vanity and haughtiness. We just kept adding new things as fast as we could think them up. Each one was always different from the one before both in measurement and wording. I was laughing so hard!


Not long after that Sis was staying over… We ended up back on chat with the three of us in my room. We were listening to music. We had another member on chat with us. She an excitable girl who I like to call Miss. She is quite sweet and very fun to be around. Anyway, we spent and hour or two chatting with her. We exchanged favorite songs… Things like, Sober by Pink. By Your Side By Tenth North Avenue. Here Without You By Three Doors Down. I didn’t know any of those. 🙂 An one of those came from my sister… I mean the one that lives in the same house with me! Yeah well to be fair… I think her favorite song may change more than mine. :p Mine changes a lot but at this moment it was Restore By Chris August.  Right now it might be So Many Stars by Diana Panton but don’t expect it to be that tomorrow! Anyway, from there it went to movies. It is so hard to pick a favorite movie! I think we all agreed on liking the Avengers. Then a Tv show we have in common is Doctor Who. It wasn’t a crazy conversation but it was nice hearing a little about every ones likes.


Then most recent was the scary chat that was mostly three way. It all started with Mom… who posted a clip from the Ellen show of all places. It was about a trip to a Hollywood haunted house. Which would trigger back to the Spookhaven place that Sis and Dear went. I didn’t go… I don’t like spooky… I like sleeping. 😉 I don’t know anyone who sleeps well during a nightmare. Anyhow… the conversation went on about Zombies and how spooky or un-spooky some situations are… Like me cleaning a house by myself today… next to a graveyard. I don’t like graveyards… at all. Come on, even the grass feels different! Finally we did get talking about other things but I still didn’t sleep well. Kept repeating the same sort of dream… waking up late to take Re to work… It was the same every time just the way it happened was different and I think I dreamt it like three times! At least it had nothing to do with Spooks. 🙂

There has been lots of chatting going on! I couldn’t go into more cause… The sun is up. I have chores and a house to clean plus finishing packing. I’m staying at Sis’s place this week. On top of All that… We are having dinner at a friends house. So busy day meant early morning.

However… if you find yourself unable to be around your friends… find a nice place to chat… You wont regret it!


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