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Autumn Doesn’t Last Forever

I know I want to blog… I have things to blog about… but… I don’t have words. Was going to listen to music online but wont load so going back to the old faithful ones that I have on my playlists. Which limits my music… and reminds of home.

I’m at Sis’s house. I’m sitting in a nice warm house looking at a real fire. Nothing quite like an old fashion fire burning. Reminds my of hot cocoa… even though right now I could go for a cold glass of chocolate milk. Just too warm for cocoa. 🙂 I want to curl up with a book and pretend it is snowing out. (Not really wanting the snow at the moment.)

I’m listening to Sis on the phone with Dear. He just got home and the rule is when you leave Sis’s house you have to call her and let her mom know you made it. So that is how they started out. We had a pretty interesting day.

My day started with taking Re to work. Stopped at a store on the way home to pick up something. Then finished packing… That took until I had to leave for lessons. Violin lessons went very well. I’m learning so much and being reminded of so many others. There is a lot of things I already knew but it is good to have the review because I forgot how some of those things applied. I have two pages to work on this week… Since I missed last week and had an hour lesson, instead of half an hour. Worked more on my thumb position on the violin and continued out to my fingers. Trying to find a comfortable position that works easier than what I am currently using. There was some theory which I really like learning. I know that it will be incorporated in the other instruments I’m trying to learn.

Once I finished lessons, Con brought me to Sis’s place. I brought my usual luggage, plus my guitar. I have my fingers all sore so I know the calluses are building and I really Really don’t want to start over. I have to get a case! 🙂

I attended a wedding… Of someone I didn’t really know. It was nice, simple; outdoors and chilly. I got to hang out with Sis and it was quite a bit of fun for the afternoon.

Dear came, after we returned to Sis’s house. We played music and talked until it was time to go to the Fall festival. Which was a thing that Sis’s church was doing. There was great food both for the mind and body. The preacher said some things I’m not sure I follow through on. I understand what he said I’m just not sure I agree. Pretty much he seemed to be saying that we need to be doing our part as the body of Christ to spread His Word. I don’t disagree on that. He was making references to harvest time. Which made sense because of the time of the year it is. The only thing is He said we were like fruit. Some of us are ripe and good and some of us are rotten and only good for throwing away… I don’t think I agree with that. No on is worth throwing away. I don’t care how bad they are. God created each of us and I’ll agree that we don’t always do what we should but to say we are only good for throwing away… People change. They really can. I know I do. I change all the time. I see something new from a different perspective and it changes me. I’m not the same person I was when I graduated school or even last year. So are we fruit? Maybe. But I’m not sure about referencing people to ripe fruit worth keeping and rotten fruit only good for throwing away. I could be wrong and I’d love to hear other peoples theories and insight. My perspective is limited.

The hay ride was… well a hay ride. 🙂 I seemed to be the at the end of many jokes. To which I had no replies. I hope smiles sufficed cause, I can take a joke, I just can’t think of answers for them. Lol. It was the ride home that I enjoyed most… out of all the rides I was a part of today. I sang most of the way back.

He’s always enough… You know one of the best things about music… It can speak to you like nothing else can. You can sing a song and realize that your not the only one who has ever gone through your situation. The song that slips from your lips… It isn’t necessarily meant for anyone but yourself. Not that no one else can get anything from it… I love to listen to other people’s musical talents. It is more of a blessing than I’d ever find words for.

My family… we had a tradition when we rode in the car. We would sing. It was a time I’ll never forget. (We don’t often have family car rides anymore.) Even when moods weren’t as happy as they should have been… everyone eventually would come to our destination with a smile and a song on their heart. So now when I’m in a car… The radio kicks on… a Cd gets pushed in… or I fill the car with my own voice. It is a habit that feels weird to break.

“He is always enough. He is all that you’ll ever need when your finally tired and walking on your own. Just reach out your heart. He’s promised to meet your every need. Let go of your pride. He’s still by your side and He’s always enough.” Sometimes I feel like I’m struggling alone. I have things I go through that I don’t share. Things I wish I could but just doesn’t seem to be anybody’s concern. I’m always glad when I finally remember to lay it all at the feet of the One who created me, loved me, and bought me. I know then that no matter what… He is enough. He can handle everything and I just have to wait on Him. Knowing that He is God.


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  1. I believe we are fruit on the vine…Christ is the vine. Rotten fruit? Oh my… I’m with you there. While some of us may have some rotten spots, they can be healed!!! All of us have Christ within us… some just don’t know it and find themselves going further and further from knowing that…but that doesn’t mean something can’t happen to make Him shine within us again!

    While you didn’t think you had the words at the beginning, it looks like you found them 🙂

    Comment by orthodoxmom3 | October 27, 2013 | Reply

    • Yeah! Guess I did find some words. 🙂 Thanks for your input! Greatly appreciated.

      Comment by joyofdawn | October 27, 2013 | Reply

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