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Home Life

Haven’t thought of a title for this yet… At least not one I’ve already used before. I’m in the car… With Con driving. If you know anything about me then you probably know my brother is one of the craziest drivers ever. THAT is why I’m on the WordPress app for my tablet. I’m typing and NOT paying attention to what he is doing.
I came home today from staying at Sis’ house. As much as I want to be with her… I wanted to come home. It has been a very conflicting feeling. I had an incredible time and educational week with her and her family. I’ve already started texting Sis… Can’t help myself. I did not bring my phone for two reasons… One, it is dead. Two, Sis is supposed to be working… She is like the other sister I don’t have! 🙂  Well… I have her now! 😀
So traveling with my brother can be the excitement you never really want to experience. Sometimes he needs reminded that everyone would like to reach their destination in one piece and preferable alive! 🙂 He really is a good kid so I try to over look the driving as much as possible.

Got to do the chores this morning… It was not at all something I expected to miss yet I was missing seeing all the animals. Thinking there maybe a little farm girl in here somewhere. 🙂 Jazz/Blackberry, loves climbing into the hay house when I get hay. Right now it is super cute but I’m working on a plan to train her not to come in… Haven’t got one yet. Right now it is just more work than progress trying to keep her out. Soon though I need a plan! Each goat is different… So if I figure something out for her… There is no promises that it will work with the next one. That is all part of the fun though. 🙂

As I was saying about Con… He is a good kid. Right now he is trying to help some ladies whose car broke down outside Walmart. Him and another guy pushed the car out off the lane into a parking spot. 🙂 He is always helpful whenever possible.
And he has this fascination with the country station on the radio… You can decide whether that is a good trait or not. 😉

The thing about being away is when I come back I have no idea what is going on. I don’t know if there are dinner plans or whether the dishes in the wash are clean or dirty. Or why there is this jar full of dark liquid sitting in a crock pot of water… It is like throwing myself into something after the project is half started. 🙂 I’m going to make a few mistakes before I’m through figuring things out. 😛


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