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What’s Important

Sometimes I have a million thoughts. My dreams get all cluttered together. When I try to sort everything it is like everything is attached to a length of yarn. The more I try to put things in order the string gets tied into a bigger ball of knotted mess. I get to thinking that things are rough.



I wrote that about four months ago… It is amazing how much has changed since then. I know that is probably pretty confusing what I wrote up there. It is to me. 😛 I was trying to juggle too many things… All of which seemed very important to me. I’ve been cutting those lengths of yarn on by one cause as much as they might seem to attach to something equally as important they just weren’t. The people around us are the most important things God will ever bless us with and their lives are short. They are what we really need to focus on. God gave us two great commandments and neither of them had anything to do with the stuff we want to do or think needs to be done.

Mostly I’ve been focusing on as few things as possible. God. Trying to read my Bible more. I’ve been learning so many great things lately. I’m reading it through. Right now I’m in Joshua, at the part where they took the city of Ai. You know what the first thing was that happened after Israel crossed Jordan into the promised land? God took down the city of Jericho with the shouts of his people. They saved Rahab the harlot, who had kept the spies safe. (Want to talk about reputation! Those to Israelites stayed in a harlots house… That couldn’t have looked good.) Then Achan takes what God forbid of Him. After EVERYTHING that he must have seen and heard God being able to do. Still he fell and took his family with him. That never ceases to astonish me. Yet this failure is exactly why God sent a Saviour.

My family has been another one of my priorities… Although I’m sure they don’t think so. I’m at a friends house as I type this and they all SEEM to be missing me. 🙂 I keep getting calls and messages from my mom. Yeah, she loves me! 😀 She’s letting me have people over to the house now! I’m sooooo having a Game Night! Hope everything turns out well! I don’t host anything… I have very little to no idea what I’m doing… I’m a little worried. Just a pinch. Not enough to stop me. 🙂

Which brings me to the next thing. My friends! They have always been important to me. I’ve never been more blessed than with the friends God has provided me with! Every one of them has been nothing but joy… well maybe with the exception of Sis. 😉 No seriously though. I couldn’t ask for better! Another reason to make myself do something out of the ordinary…

That is another thing I’ve been focusing on. I’m trying to be the person I want to be and have been afraid to let myself be. I wrote about this before in another post, All It Takes. It is so easy to keep yourself so in check that no one gets to know the real you. The best thing to do is love the people you have been blessed enough to know and do what you can to be happy without hurting those around you. At least that is where I’m at right now.

Music, is my main hobby at the moment. While writing is VERY important to me I’ve been limiting how much time I spend there. Work can be very demanding at times, which I don’t mind all the time. When I work on my stories… sometimes they tend to take over my every waking moment. So I’ve cut down their ability to use me. I grab them on demand now instead of them grabbing me. It can be hard to focus on the things I need to in life when I’m wondering what my Main Character is going to do to get out of her situation… or how I’m ever going to explain the trip they are having over sea without being completely boring. It is one of those lengths of yarn, that I mentioned above, that needed to be cut.

Sooo Music is what I’ve been doing in my spare time. Violin lessons… and lots of practicing my guitar. I’m working on playing chords with a hymn now! Can’t wait to be able to play it through smoothly! I’ve also been studying all the theory that goes with it to try and understand what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. I have a two great friends to talk to about all things guitar related… plus plenty of websites. 🙂 So far so good!

This week has been quite an eye opener for me. While I LOVE being here hanging with Sis… I’m amazed at the other things I’m missing. Like my animals… I’m not really a huge animal fan. As I’ve mentioned before… But I miss taking care of them and having them around to pester me. I’ll miss being here just as much as I miss being home but I guess that is how having a second family must feel!

So if your juggling too many balls… feel your being tugged in too many directions… or are having my yarn issue… Drop some balls. Let go of some directions. Cut a few strings. Find what’s important to you and stick with those. There are always exceptions to the rule… APPARENTLY but I think you know what I mean. 🙂


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