Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Game Night!

We… Correction. I had a game night at my parents home. They were so kind to let me invite a whole bus load of people. There were twenty people there altogether! There were more people I should have invited but didn’t think about until last minute. There was even a party crasher there but don’t ask me to name her at the moment because my brain is in sluggish mode.
I caught the cold that Dear brought along with him. I was bound to get sick at some point this year. An actually as far as getting sick is concerned this is actually the perfect time. I didn’t have violin lessons this morning. We already cleaned the house that has the newborn baby in it… And we aren’t due back for two weeks. Plus, this is my super light cleaning week as far as jobs go. Sign language isn’t until next week. Soooo, what I’m saying is that with lots of sleeping and peppermint I might just be able to get through this before anything important is supposed to happen. 🙂

Side note…. Google changed the keyboard on the Nexus… Grrr them! Now I have to search through the smiles to pull up the one I want instead of just pressing the button… Why do they change these thing on me! 😛
❇ 🌠 🔑💫 💠 🔥 💮 🔎 On the up side they do have all these new and kind of neat symbols. Alright! Really cool symbols.

Bunny trail complete…
Oh! Right. Haha! Game night… We started the night with none other than Catch Phrase and continued in the wordyness with Apples to Apples. Dear won the game as I predicted he would. 🙂 Somehow he seems to mange quite a few wins in a lot of different games… The next game was Uno… Dear won the first round of that as well. Don’t ask who won the second… I’ve no idea as I was busy doing something else.
I had Miss invite one of her friends and it turned out that last night was his birthday… So there was cake and the traditional birthday song that follows. 🙂 Miss made the cake and even though it was trying to play tricks on us we eventually got it cooked through and frosted. It was really good! She did a wonderful job with what was supplied her. 😀
I made enough food for at least 40 people… We still have quite a lot left over. 🙂  Oh well, it was fun and I really didn’t have to worry about running out of anything. Although I am glad my brother and sister helped me make a second batch of chocolate chip cookies before everyone showed! They were definitely needed. 🙂  between them and the chocolate milk… That was probably all I really needed. 😛 I was very thankful for all the help and support I was given by me friends and family. Couldn’t have done this without them!
I was very blessed to have everyone come. I’ll be smiling for at least a week despite the sore throat. 🙂  We got to play and hear some music after most people had gone home. That will always be a blessing.
Sooo now today… I drove to the shop and, after parking, I could have sang as I walked my way around the building to the door. Except singing isn’t a good idea right now. 😀 That doesn’t mean that a cheery song wasn’t playing in my head. 🙂 or that I may have had just a little bit of spring in my step. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did! And that their week might feel a little brighter.


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