Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy


The first of the snow has fallen and it was beautiful! There is nothing quite like sitting in the house and watching the snow fall. When I awoke the first thing I did was check Facebook before getting out of bed. Now that probably sound pretty bad. My alarm is an app on my tablet. So when I turn it off I just check FB while I’m at it and my email. Well, that was how I first found out it had snowed! 🙂 Then I just had to look. So I got out of bed and turned off my fan while grabbing a sweater only then peering beyond the curtain. Just a light dusting that I figured wouldn’t last half the day. Fortunately it lasted all day! Esther, the dog, was thrilled. I think she was made for this time of the year! 🙂 She comes to life in the cold and especially when there is snow on the ground. It is hilarious to watch. The first thing she does is run around the entire yard like her tail it on fire! Then she comes to a screeching halt long enough to tell the goats that she is still boss, only to race off again. We don’t know what a clear patch of snow would look like in our yard. 😀
All I wanted was a cup of hot cocoa… but I couldn’t find any mix. So I took a recommendation from Sis, curled up in a deep corner of the couch and stated to read a book she’d lent me at the beginning of the year. :3 Warrior Heir by Cindy Williams Chima Turns out that she is right! It is a very interesting book. Hoping Jack and his aunt find the trinket they need before Jack finds out the hard way how useful it is going to be to him.

Since staying curled up in the couch makes one very tired. I couldn’t stay there for too long. 🙂 I’m trying to finish off a cold I acquired during game night. It seemed to be making me more tired than usual. Either that or it’s because the house is nice and toasty since the cold weather kicked in. Whatever it is… I’ve been wanting to sleep more.

Today turned on some Jazz… that Dear lent me, put on my head phones and went to sleep for five to ten minutes. It had only been at least my fifth time listening to the Cd and it is pretty awesome!

But… I’ll end with this clip… since it is one of my favorites. Although it has nothing to do with the Cd I was listening to today…



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