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Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Thanksgiving Thursday the 28th

Since Thursday is Thanksgiving and it is all about being thankful… I’m going to list 28 things I’m thankful for. This could be a long post. 😀

I’m thankful for…

1   The God who created me. Seeing fit to give me life.

2   The family He has so graciously blessed me with. Their interesting ways of trying to help me and protect me. The way we can drive each other crazy and still love each other.

3   My friends that He has wondrously blessed me with. The way they make me smile. How they always seem to care.

4   The snow in the winter time. How pretty is looks as it flies through the air. The desire it gives you to want to cuddle and be warm while doing something.

5   Music. It’s ability to share what you can never quite put into words. The kind that makes me want to dance and spin around the room. The kind that speaks directly to the heart. The kind that is so beautiful you just want to fall asleep to it. The kind your friends make when they pick up an instrument.

6   My Bible and the fact that it is living. It changes my life all the time. I never cease to be amazed at what God has for me in there.

7   Writing and the pinch of talent God has granted me with. I love that I feel so comfortable with this form of communication.

8   Holidays. The time we get to celebrate and just be together as a family.

9   Food. It’s abilities to nourish the body. An that it can taste so good! 🙂

10  My 5 senses and my secret super power. 🙂

11  Animals. The adorable things the do. The way they rely on you. That incurable way they make you feel inadequate when they are unwell. Their amazing gift they have off being able to endure so much.

12  Multitasking and Productivity. The way we are able to do many things at the same time.

13  Chocolate… my ultimate favorite food.

14  Sleep. Being able to close my eyes and rest or have fascinating dreams that make little sense in the real world.

15  Memories and the many ways we can keep them.

16  Starry night skies and how they remind me how great He is.

17  Mirrors… to show the real me and the fantastic way they can hold pictures and notes! 😀

18  Modern technology and the great ways it allows for easy contact with the people we know.

19  All the troubles I have had to go through and the path God showed me to turn me into the person I am today verses the person I could have become.

20  Smile. How even the smallest one can fill a heart with happiness.

21  Children. The happiness they can spread even on the hardest of days.

22  My Parents. Everything they have done for me and still continue to do. The way they brought me up to love my Savior. The way they did everything they knew what to do to guide me.

23   My Second Parents. The wonderful adults I’ve been blessed to know who love me and help me as best they can. Even having to occasionally adopt me for several days at a time.

24   Re the sister God blessed me with when I was only two years old. The person I know I can share anything with and she’ll do her best to understand and love me. The person I can go to when I need a shoulder to cry on. The person who will defend me even after I’ve picked on her relentlessly. 🙂

25   Con the little brother I’ve never deserved. The guy who watches out for me even when I don’t relies I need it. The guy who can fix all my car problems… when I have a car. 🙂 The guy who takes better care of me than I probably do him. The guy who will run to the store when I don’t feel well. Who takes care of random people he doesn’t even know. Who works harder than anyone I can think of.

26   Smightification who plays some really good guitar. Enjoys a good joke and always lets me borrow his sister whenever I want for how long I want to. 🙂 Who is willing to share his knowledge about things so patiently. The guy who so kindly will drive his sister to come hang out with me. 😀

27  Dear. He always has a way of making smiles. His is my Jazz buddy as he introduced me to Jazz. (How did I not know what that was?!) The was he so nicely sings and plays guitar.

28   Sis who is awesome in so many ways. A continual blessing to me. Willing to play violin with me, chat, stay over, write me, and so many other things.

I could have listed so many people! Twenty-two through twenty-eight are family or friends who are so close that they are like family. However I have so many amazing friends I couldn’t live this life without and feel privileged that God was willing to allow me to get to know them. ❤


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