Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

What God Gives…

What God gives He has the power to take away. That is a frightening thought. Although this one is a bit more comforting… He will do what He must to bring you to Him. Well, that might not be a comfort to you… but it is to me. I know He loves me. I know He hears my praise and my prayers. I know He guides my life even when I can’t see Him doing so. I know for some reason He has a fascination with my life. For some reason He cares what happens to my simple tiny little existence in His vast world of time. I… me… I mean something to Him. Take a moment to comprehend that one! What am I compared to so many other ‘great’ people?! What makes me so important to Him that I am still alive today? Surely there is nothing I could do. I am poor and weak and common. The only importance in my life is through the blood of His own Son that He sacrificed for me. Why… why would He give that… the life and blood of His only Child… for me? There is nothing I could ever possibly do to deserve that.

Besides this most precious gift He continues to bless me. Me. Why? Why does He keep giving me such wonderful things? The life I’m living right now… It is a gift from Him. The air I breath… He created for me. The breakfast I ate this morning… He provided. My family I have been blessed with… He chose. The roof over my head… He placed there. The friends who come and go or stay… a treasure He created. My wonderful, amazing boyfriend… a gift from Him that I can never comprehend. Even the heat from the heater at my feet is a provision He has provided for me. From simple pleasures to the things that allow me to continue living to the greatest treasures of my life are all from the God who gave me life.

You want to be frightened? Think of Job for a second… Everything was taken from him. God gave Satan the right to do so… and he did. Why? As a test. To see just how much Job believed in God’s love. To see how much Job could endure and still love the God who gave him all he had. Was it cruel? Maybe… Probably… okay I’ll be honest… It must have been terrible, brutal. In the end Job passed. He made history as the man who didn’t give up on God. He had his struggles with what God was allowing to happen to him. Who wouldn’t… who could have been living in his shoes and understood why God allowed such things to happen to him. He’d lived following God to the best of his ability. In the end it seemed God would take everything away and there was nothing he had done either to have God take everything from him or to deserve everything he had been given for God to take away. Because of everything, God gave Job everything back. Not exactly the same, but it would have been enough. God drew Job close to Him. Perhaps closer than He has ever been able to draw most people in this world. What is amazing… Job didn’t have the saving power of the blood of Christ. Job didn’t have the promise of the precious gift that is freely given to all who will accept God’s salvation, that we have today.

Praising and thanking the Lord for everything is easy. Just the gift of the sacrifice of His Son is enough to keep anyone busy for life. Then there is everything He has individually given each of us. Things that are so precious yet easily forgotten. Things that can be lost to us in an instant. Those things should keep us praising God every second we have to spare. I know I can’t help seeing everything and stopping to praise Him. I know these ‘little’ things are some of the biggest parts of my life. He can take it all as He chooses but He never had to give any of it to me in the first place. So I praise and thank Him all the more. There is nothing possible without God. Even when He seems to take things from us… Most times He is just blessing someone else with them. Even in my sadness at that… I can smile knowing there is still a blessing in-store.

Do bad things happen to good people… Can they happen? Sure, but a lot of it is the way we view what we’ve been given and what we do with it. Thank God and enjoy what He has given you today. Don’t expect everything to be around forever. Let people know how much they mean to you.

Forever… just isn’t long enough.


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