Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Honest! I Saw Sunshine Up Ahead

Ever struggle through something and you get this feeling like your making progress. You can see an end in sight. You can almost feel yourself arriving successfully at the end of your journey. Then the bend in the road discourages you. You feel like you’ve taken two steps back in your three steps forward. The road is suddenly longer than you thought and the trip to the end is more rough. Your hope for it all ending happily isn’t quite so promising as it was the moment before.

Yeah. Well that is how I’m feeling a lot lately. I’m on this journey in life. I’m excited even though along the journey I have struggles. As soon as I think I have one resolved there is another. The bends in the road aren’t as big as I started the trip out with. In fact I thought I had mostly passed them. I think the hardest is behind me. That doesn’t stop the other bends from forming right in front of me out of seemingly nowhere! Honest! I thought I saw the sunshine up ahead… Only for clouds to cover it up and trees to shield my view.

It is in these moments that I find myself being discouraged. I want to rush to the end, just to be rid of the struggles. I want to hide in some dark corner and hope no one remembers me. I want to do anything not to deal with or think about whatever my struggles are currently. Then I’m reminded, reminded that I don’t have to take this journey alone. Someone is always and forever with me. He loves me in so many ways. He promised to take care of me for eternity. Then I remember to hand everything back over to Him. Let Him guide and lead. Rely on His strength and wisdom and knowledge. He never has failed me. He promised He never would and He doesn’t lie. God always knows what I need and He knows exactly what is in the path laid before me. My trust must be in Him.

Heard this song a long time ago and it has never left me. The second verse is my favorite because it is so true all too often.

Always Enough – Mark Rogers

“Looking back and thinking, I can see where God has led,

The mountaintops of victory, the tears that have been shed.

And even though I’ve failed Him, in so many different ways,

It almost seems I’ve heard the voice of Jesus gently say –


I’m always enough, I’m all you will ever need,

When you’re finally tired of walking on your own.

Just reach out your hand, I’ve promised to meet your every need.

Let go of your pride, I’m still by your side, And I’m always enough.


Sometimes we think we’re all alone, and no one understands,

The hidden hurts and failures, the broken dreams and plans.

We do our best to hide the pain and face it on our own,

Forgetting that those burdens are not ours to bear alone.


He’s always enough, He’s all you will ever need,

When you’re finally tired of walking on your own.

Just reach out your hand. He’s promised to meet your every need.

Let go of your pride, He’s still by your side, And He’s always enough.

He is always enough.”


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