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I Know… I’m Not Alone

God has been making it pretty clear what He wants from me lately. So clear that having faith and trust in His decisions is easy. That doesn’t mean that everything He is saying is easy to deal with. I know I’m not alone. I know lots if people go through similar things. I know that they are all asking God the same question I have been. “Why? Why is this necessary? I don’t understand why Your doing this.” It isn’t like other people don’t go through similar things all the time. It is just that it isn’t what I want and I don’t see how this fits into the puzzle of life.
Still He asks me, “Do you trust me?”
Of course I trust Him. More than I trust myself. I don’t understand the why but I understand that no matter what the answer His way is best.
So my sweet darling man is going away for about two weeks for his job. They don’t have work here right now so they are sending them out for rotations. I’ll miss him …a lot! Everyone tells me it will be alright and I know it will. Yet… I know I’ll miss him. Fortunately he has a new phone so we can text and call all the time! Someone suggested we should Skype but… that would make it worse for me I think. And… I’ve written him a letter for everyday that he is away. I have two more to do up. 🙂 Writing is my thing if you haven’t been able to notice from my blog yet… and Dear likes the letters I make for him.
I know I’m not alone. My friends and family are here for me. God is here with us the whole way through this things. So I might not want him to leave but… God has it all covered and I’m just trusting in Him.


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