Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Tears and Traveling

Tears of joy, tears of sadness, they follow us everywhere…
It is quiet here with only the sound of the washing machine running. Handsome man came back from working last night and his clothes were filthy. So I’m washing them while he sleeps. Which is good because I’m clumsy and noisy and this keeps me out of our room for over an hour. Anyway… We are back in Kansas City, MO. It isn’t really a big deal but due to circumstances we will probably be here for six months. At least that is how it looks at the moment. We’ve been pretty blessed in so many ways through this whole thing. Just me being able to be out here with him is a blessing we weren’t promised a week ago. The hardest part is leaving PA. It is our home. Its where our family and friends are. It is where we feel like we belong in the world, with all those old familiar places. 🙂 I go between tears of joy in just being able to be with my man to tears of sadness in missing all the people we’ve left behind. It is hard to be strong when so much keeps happening. Just as we deal with one thing there is another to take its place. Without Christ’s strength… I’d be hopelessly lost in depression and sadness. Between Justin and God I can’t help but find a smile and see how good life really is. So I’m smiling this morning, enjoying being a wife and washing some laundry. Hopefully this afternoon I won’t find myself crying again!
Now to figure out how to quietly eat lunch…

In the overall scope of things I’ve grown a lot as a person. Being married is such a joy and honor. Every morning I get to see the most handsomest face in the world. Everyday I get to hear him singing and playing guitar. Every other week I get to help take care of things while he is away at work. One of the things that is most fun to do is cook. It can be a challenge here at the motel but I’ve some amazing friends on Facebook who have been helping me out!
The motel rooms have a small kitchenette. The only thing they don’t have is an oven. As you can imagine, baking becomes a challenge. 🙂 This week we have only done one run for groceries and that was to Walmart, which of course didn’t have everything I needed. So I didn’t cook yesterday but hopefully today or tomorrow we will get out to finish that up. Meanwhile we are looking for an apartment to stay in for possibly the next six months. Being next to a city gives us quite a few options, so it should be just a matter of asking the right people to find a place we can be happy staying in. We have nine more days to get that resolved.
As for things to do while we are here… The possibilities are numerous. There is a zoo, some aquarium type places, a few water parks, at least one amusement park, several museums, and of course there is Legoland. As for churches… There is a lot of those to choose from. I’m sure that if we get bored out here it will be our own fault.
We drove here from PA so we have our own car to use while we are here. Plus we were able to bring more things with us. It was a lot of fun road tripping across nearly five states. Quite an adventure for two people who have hardly left PA on their own. It was interesting to see the difference between the states, mountains to hills to trees to pretty much flat. We got to see the city of Indianapolis and cross the bridge over the Mississippi River. There were so many signs for places we had only heard of before. I think passing Mansfield, OH was the hardest because it was a huge reminder of the home we had left hours ago. A reminder of all the people we were already missing so much. Handsome man drove the entire trip. I sent text updates to all our family along the way. We stopped at the Red Roof Inn just before the Ohio border to Indiana. It wasn’t the best choice we made along the way but it served its purpose. We had a roof over our heads, a nice big bed, an a warm shower. The bonus was that we weren’t the least bit enticed to stay instead of traveling on. 🙂 We reached our destination before night and were able to settle in a little before tucking ourselves in bed.
We are happy to be here and done driving for a while but we are also ready to make the trip home… Fortunately or unfortunately that will have to wait a while yet. In the meantime… Don’t be afraid to go out and see a bit of the country it is quite a beautiful place even if your only seeing it from the highway.


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