Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy


Home is where your heart is. I figured that out when I was a Nanny. Three days with my family and four days with the Little Man. No matter where I was my heart was torn, always feeling at least slightly home sick. I learned it again when my handsome man began to fly back and forth to MO. Now that I’ve joined him out here, we’ve learned together where our hearts belongs. Mostly they belongs to each other and no matter where the Lord sends us we will always be happy as long as we are there together. However, part of our hearts will always remain in PA. It is where all our family and friends live and no matter where we go, something will always draw us back to them.
Tomorrow we get to fly to PA and stay there for a whole month. We are so excited to see everyone! It has been three months away from them. Neither of us has been away for so long before now. Unless the Lord decides to change the course of our loves, we are looking at another year to year an a half out here. We don’t know when we will see them again.
We are doing our Thanksgiving and Christmas celebration while we are there. I’ve already sent a box with presents to PA through the mail. We have some in a suitcase to fly back with us. Once we are there we have a few more to buy. I haven’t wrapped anything yet and I’m looking forward to tying some ribbon!

Justin’s best friend and the best man at our wedding got married in October! We are excited to see them and congratulate them in person. Justin has missed his friends as much as I have mine. There is this smile he gets when they call or text him. I can always tell when he is talking to his friends. 🙂
There are some weird things that we are looking forward to as well once we return. Things like drinks, chocolate milk, juice, and just about any beverage besides soda… They taste awful out here. We haven’t notices it so much with food but when it comes to finding something we want to drink it hasn’t been so easy. Papa V’s in Mansfield became one of my favorite places to eat out. Thanks to handsome man, who took me there on our first date! I’ve been wanting their white pizza for the longest time.
If we are flying back out here for a longer stay there are a few things I’m packing in my suitcase or sending in the mail for the kitchen. Not too many because it should all fit in the car when we finally get to drive away from MO. Still, there are a few things from our shower that I’d love to be able to use. I brought a couple of things with me the first time but I was limited on space and not sure what I’d find we already had provided for us.

Justin and I love flying and are looking forward to our trip to PA tomorrow. They have had snow out there already. We’ve had some chilly days but no white stuff yet. In fact, they are running lawn mowers today.
I have to finish packing and run to recycles to the bin down the road so I better go for now. Have a great weekend! I know we will be. 😉


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