Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Happy 2015

I know… I’m late. I’ve been attempting to write posts but… I just don’t like what I write. I think writers block has a part in it and I’m sure there is something else I have settled on agree with myself about.

It is 3:30 in the AM… Handsome is on night shift and I find it hard to sleep by myself. Plus I’ve been having the strangest dreams lately. Anyway, watched way too much Netflix, finished the dishes, started working on finance stuff (That makes it sounds so big and responsible when it is really just adding numbers together), doing some reading, and attempting some writing. Music is playing, the Christmas tree is lite, candles are burning safely on the clean stove top, the lights are turned off now in hopes that my mind will settle in for a few hours sleep.

I rung in the New Year with a text to handsome who was working night shift. I was watching movies and feeling homesick. Bathed in self-pity, I felt sick, and searched for my optimistic side which kept tuning in and out. At least until I curled up and fell asleep on the couch. The best remedy to sadness, as far as I can tell, has got to be waking up to the face of the person you love. 🙂

We had a wonderful Christmas. Christmas Eve we decorated our tree, played  some Christmas music, ate cookies, and watched our favorite Christmas movie. It was a delightful evening spent together. We recorded a Christmas song with the camera my brother bought us for Christmas.

Christmas Day we slept in. That was nice after our late night. Since it is just the two of us out here in Missouri we were able to do that. We went shopping the day after Christmas. Once we were out there we were wondering if it was really a wise idea. Especially after seeing an accident. Nonetheless everything went off without a hitch and we started early on next Christmas gifts!

We came back from PA on December 8th. I love flying at night! It is so cool seeing all the lights from way up high. It was hard coming back but it helps to know that we must take a trip to PA in March to get the car inspected. So if the Lord doesn’t return us before then at least we know about when our next visit will be. That will be an exciting eighteen our drive there an another to come back. 😛

While we were in PA we celebrated both Thanksgiving and Christmas with all our family and some of our friends. It was great to hug everyone and see their smiling faces. There were a few people I’d have liked to have seen but it just didn’t happen this trip. Got to congratulate Sis, who is now officially dating! I think for the sake of the blog I’ll call him Bowtie, unless I come up with something better. Anyway, we’ve been waiting to hear that those two were a couple and not just ‘friends.’ It was an exciting time for everyone.

I think one of the most exciting parts was staying with Handsome’s side of the family. It was an interesting experience living there with everyone. Fun dinners with plenty of conversation, a nephew full of demands and ‘needs’, movie watching, and of course drama from several sources but mostly just normal craziness of family life. No excuse really for not doing more writing because I should have plenty of fodder to work with. 😉 Still, as crazy as it could get, I still miss being there.

Nearly 5 AM… I might just crash before Handsome returns after all.

It is a brief account of our recent adventures and we look forward to what the Lord has in store for us in 2015. I’ve been truly blessed in 2014. As many downs about the year there may have been there were and abundance of ups. I will look back fondly on the year 2014 for it will remind me again how blessed I have become in all the Lord has provided.


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