Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Dropping By On A Friday Night

  1. Kiss your husband goodbye as he leaves for a twelve-hour night shift.
  2. Make sure the TV is turned off…
  3. Do a bit of internet shopping.
  4. Continue procrastinating by making a green smoothie to drink while novel-writing.
  5. Decide to get on your blog and make a post, because it was better than getting on FB.
  6. Send your husband a text to let him know you love him and because he has been gone for an hour now… You miss him already.
  7. Realize it has been an hour already and you haven’t done any novel-writing.
  8. Get on Pinterest, only to look for writing inspiration.

I’ve been trying to write everyday. I have only made my word count twice… I am struggling with this so bad. HOWEVER I am trying and that is more than I’ve been doing for months now. Just to prove I was on Pinterest hunting down a helpful writers tips HERE is what I found. It is about how to open a story.

I’ll go for now. Need another glass of my smoothie. Going to concentrate on getting this novel off the ground and incorporating whatever pieces I’ve already written. Wish me luck!

P.S. I’ve also discovered that writing is the perfect time to get all those healthy snack items into my system. I’m concentrating so much of my thought into writing that I don’t even realize what I’m munching, Only that the munchies aren’t feeling so hungry anymore.


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