Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy


“For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.” Matthew 6:14-15
“And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.” Matthew 7:3-5

Forgiving people, for me, has always been pretty easy. I don’t hold grudges for very long. I mean I had a sister and brother that are younger than myself… We’ve done plenty of things that we have had to forgive each other for. Learned a lot of lessons along the way as well. 🙂 Like… Don’t lend out something your not willing the never see again. Once I lent a dollar to one of my siblings. They didn’t understand math quite the way I did. Their idea of lending was use the dollar to pay for the item and give me the change. I laugh now but then I was learning a few things I hadn’t even thought about before. It was a very well spent dollar. Lol!
Anyway… I usually find a way to be positive about situations. Someone is just having a bad day or I’m not living in their shoes and I don’t know what they have to live with from day to day. Sometimes you just have to give people a little room and let the unimportant things go.
God has been asking me to forgive people. People can do a lot of things to me and it doesn’t bother me. Just don’t hurt my loved ones, I have a tough time with that. I’m getting this understanding that God is working on me with this. He is asking me to let things go and forgive people no matter what it is they do. I’ve done my share of things and He has forgiven me. It isn’t like I don’t know how merciful and gracious He has been to me. He has done so much for me that no matter I could do it wouldn’t even compare.
I have to admit I’m finding it harder than I thought it would be to forgive. I still care about the people who have done these things just hard for me not to hold it against them. Of course I know I can’t. I have to let go and forgive them, for their sake, for mine, and because my God simple asks me to. 🙂 If for nothing else why wouldn’t I do it for Him?
“Praise him for his mighty acts: praise him according to his excellent greatness. Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD.” Psalms150:2 & 6


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Honest! I Saw Sunshine Up Ahead

Ever struggle through something and you get this feeling like your making progress. You can see an end in sight. You can almost feel yourself arriving successfully at the end of your journey. Then the bend in the road discourages you. You feel like you’ve taken two steps back in your three steps forward. The road is suddenly longer than you thought and the trip to the end is more rough. Your hope for it all ending happily isn’t quite so promising as it was the moment before.

Yeah. Well that is how I’m feeling a lot lately. I’m on this journey in life. I’m excited even though along the journey I have struggles. As soon as I think I have one resolved there is another. The bends in the road aren’t as big as I started the trip out with. In fact I thought I had mostly passed them. I think the hardest is behind me. That doesn’t stop the other bends from forming right in front of me out of seemingly nowhere! Honest! I thought I saw the sunshine up ahead… Only for clouds to cover it up and trees to shield my view.

It is in these moments that I find myself being discouraged. I want to rush to the end, just to be rid of the struggles. I want to hide in some dark corner and hope no one remembers me. I want to do anything not to deal with or think about whatever my struggles are currently. Then I’m reminded, reminded that I don’t have to take this journey alone. Someone is always and forever with me. He loves me in so many ways. He promised to take care of me for eternity. Then I remember to hand everything back over to Him. Let Him guide and lead. Rely on His strength and wisdom and knowledge. He never has failed me. He promised He never would and He doesn’t lie. God always knows what I need and He knows exactly what is in the path laid before me. My trust must be in Him.

Heard this song a long time ago and it has never left me. The second verse is my favorite because it is so true all too often.

Always Enough – Mark Rogers

“Looking back and thinking, I can see where God has led,

The mountaintops of victory, the tears that have been shed.

And even though I’ve failed Him, in so many different ways,

It almost seems I’ve heard the voice of Jesus gently say –


I’m always enough, I’m all you will ever need,

When you’re finally tired of walking on your own.

Just reach out your hand, I’ve promised to meet your every need.

Let go of your pride, I’m still by your side, And I’m always enough.


Sometimes we think we’re all alone, and no one understands,

The hidden hurts and failures, the broken dreams and plans.

We do our best to hide the pain and face it on our own,

Forgetting that those burdens are not ours to bear alone.


He’s always enough, He’s all you will ever need,

When you’re finally tired of walking on your own.

Just reach out your hand. He’s promised to meet your every need.

Let go of your pride, He’s still by your side, And He’s always enough.

He is always enough.”

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Handing It All Over

Blank page…
Staring at a blank page thinking of a million things I could write and post. I don’t even know where to start cause it has been such a long time. Things are busy and the road to where I am at this very moment has been a bit bumpy but completely in the hands of God. He has been there for me at every turn. No matter what I have to struggle with, He has given me everything I’ve needed and so much more.
“There’s a peace in my heart that the world never gave,
A peace it cannot take away;
Though the trials of life may surround like a cloud,
I’ve a peace that has come here to stay!”

He has given me everything I have and I know that no matter what has happened or will happen in my future I couldn’t be more blessed. Why? Well, because He is constantly abiding with me.
“Constantly abiding, Jesus is mine;
Constantly abiding, rapture device;
He never leaves me lonely, whispers, O so kind:
“I will never leave thee,” Jesus is mine.”

A lot of it is faith… Believing He will be there for me when I need Him most. He doesn’t have to be… but He promised He would be. For me it has always been like some little test of His to see if I’ll trust Him enough to let Him have whatever it is I’m dealing with in life. It can’t just be words either, He knows when I really hand it over to Him with all my heart, soul, and mind.
“I care not today what the morrow my bring,
If shadow or sunshine or rain,
The Lord I know ruleth o’er everything,
And all of my worries are vain.

Though tempests may blow and the storm clouds arise,
Obscuring the brightness of life,
I’m never alarmed at the overcast skies-
The Master looks on at the strife.

I know that He safely will carry me through,
No matter what evils betide;
Why should I then care though the tempest may blow,
If Jesus walks close to my side.

Living by faith in Jesus above,
Trusting, confiding in His great love;
From all harm safe in His sheltering arm,
I’m living by faith and feel no alarm.”

Trusting in the God who has already done so much for me, before I was even born, should be an easy task. However it isn’t as easy as it should be. Handing over your life to someone, no matter how much you love them, is hard, because it is no longer your own to control. The outcome of what happens maybe completely different from what you had in mind. Once your control is handed over… What happens to you is up to the one you handed it over to.
I really liked a reading Passion and Purity written by Elizabeth Elliot. One of the things I keep remembering from the book is this… “”If God gave it to me,” we say “it’s mine. I can do what I want with it.” No. The truth is that it is ours to thank Him for and ours to offer back to Him, ours to relinquish, ours to lose, ours to let go of – if we want to find our true selves, if we want real Life, if our hearts are set on glory.”
I’ve been learning to hand everything over to God. Nonetheless I think it is one of those lifetime lessons that I’ll never quite master. There always seems to be one more thing to give Him control of. Always.
Psalm has always been inspirational to me. My wonderful boyfriend and I have been taking time to study it together. It has been such a joy. I’m also being reminded constantly how good God really is, through His word as well as in my own life experiences.
“Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.” Psalm 37:5

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What God Gives…

What God gives He has the power to take away. That is a frightening thought. Although this one is a bit more comforting… He will do what He must to bring you to Him. Well, that might not be a comfort to you… but it is to me. I know He loves me. I know He hears my praise and my prayers. I know He guides my life even when I can’t see Him doing so. I know for some reason He has a fascination with my life. For some reason He cares what happens to my simple tiny little existence in His vast world of time. I… me… I mean something to Him. Take a moment to comprehend that one! What am I compared to so many other ‘great’ people?! What makes me so important to Him that I am still alive today? Surely there is nothing I could do. I am poor and weak and common. The only importance in my life is through the blood of His own Son that He sacrificed for me. Why… why would He give that… the life and blood of His only Child… for me? There is nothing I could ever possibly do to deserve that.

Besides this most precious gift He continues to bless me. Me. Why? Why does He keep giving me such wonderful things? The life I’m living right now… It is a gift from Him. The air I breath… He created for me. The breakfast I ate this morning… He provided. My family I have been blessed with… He chose. The roof over my head… He placed there. The friends who come and go or stay… a treasure He created. My wonderful, amazing boyfriend… a gift from Him that I can never comprehend. Even the heat from the heater at my feet is a provision He has provided for me. From simple pleasures to the things that allow me to continue living to the greatest treasures of my life are all from the God who gave me life.

You want to be frightened? Think of Job for a second… Everything was taken from him. God gave Satan the right to do so… and he did. Why? As a test. To see just how much Job believed in God’s love. To see how much Job could endure and still love the God who gave him all he had. Was it cruel? Maybe… Probably… okay I’ll be honest… It must have been terrible, brutal. In the end Job passed. He made history as the man who didn’t give up on God. He had his struggles with what God was allowing to happen to him. Who wouldn’t… who could have been living in his shoes and understood why God allowed such things to happen to him. He’d lived following God to the best of his ability. In the end it seemed God would take everything away and there was nothing he had done either to have God take everything from him or to deserve everything he had been given for God to take away. Because of everything, God gave Job everything back. Not exactly the same, but it would have been enough. God drew Job close to Him. Perhaps closer than He has ever been able to draw most people in this world. What is amazing… Job didn’t have the saving power of the blood of Christ. Job didn’t have the promise of the precious gift that is freely given to all who will accept God’s salvation, that we have today.

Praising and thanking the Lord for everything is easy. Just the gift of the sacrifice of His Son is enough to keep anyone busy for life. Then there is everything He has individually given each of us. Things that are so precious yet easily forgotten. Things that can be lost to us in an instant. Those things should keep us praising God every second we have to spare. I know I can’t help seeing everything and stopping to praise Him. I know these ‘little’ things are some of the biggest parts of my life. He can take it all as He chooses but He never had to give any of it to me in the first place. So I praise and thank Him all the more. There is nothing possible without God. Even when He seems to take things from us… Most times He is just blessing someone else with them. Even in my sadness at that… I can smile knowing there is still a blessing in-store.

Do bad things happen to good people… Can they happen? Sure, but a lot of it is the way we view what we’ve been given and what we do with it. Thank God and enjoy what He has given you today. Don’t expect everything to be around forever. Let people know how much they mean to you.

Forever… just isn’t long enough.

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Not Living Your Dream

Sometimes life gets so frustrating. Mostly due to the people involved in your daily life. Really they are trying to be helpful. Honestly they want what is best for you, because they care and love you… at least most of them feel that way. It just gets to the point where you feel like you’re getting all this ‘advice’ flooding in you can’t remember what you think, you can’t even hear your thoughts anymore. You can beg God for answers but… it is getting hard to figure out which answers are His, and which are everyone else’s.

The obvious answer to all this is escape. Run away from it. Go live all on your own and let the world of people forget you exist. Except… your afraid of being alone. And… Honestly… You know you couldn’t live twenty-four hours without contacting at least half a dozen of people you care about most. Living all alone isn’t really an answer, it isn’t even a possibility, just an option… one that you wouldn’t take even if you could.

It isn’t like they are controlling your life. Not even trying in this case. Just want you to live it exactly the way they think you should. Live it the way they dreamed you would. Surely if you live the way you currently are… You’ll utterly embarrass them and then… the rest of the world of people will talk and judge… Maybe they’ll see you as human like everyone else. Now wouldn’t that be a horrible shame. (Yeah that was sarcasm there…)

Sorry this isn’t all cheery with sunshine and smiles and rainbow in the sky. I can still see all those as everything I’m dealing with is just one piece of my existence. I do what I can not to live in it for too long. How depressing would that be?! Besides… it is just to in-depth at the moment to clearly see anything. I’m not going to be perfect. Never claimed I could be. What I have always promised is to be the best me I can be in the sight of my Heavenly Father. What I’m willing to promise is to continue loving all the people who come into my tiny amount of time here on Earth. What I can tell you is I’m going to do the best I can for the people I love most. It might not be what anyone expects. It probably won’t even be their dreams and deepest desires. In the end all I can hope is that they will continue to find a place in their hearts, where they will still hold, at least, the tiniest amount of love for me.

I’m struggling through this world like anyone else. I’m trying to do my best to please the God that brought me into existence. To live the life He had intended for me. To follow the voice He whispers into my ear. I’d love to have the ability to do everything everyone expects and make them happy all the time… but I don’t have that power. All I can hope to do is a little right by all the people I mean most to and mean the most to me. All I can hope is that I’ll never lose my love for all the people I know. All I can hope is when my race is run… when my life is spent… I’ll have done the best I could through the grace and mercy of the God who gave me every breath of which I partook.

He loves me and through Him I will love you. Maybe… just maybe one day in the future, when you look back through all the years… Maybe I wont have disappointed you too badly.

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A Month of Happiness

This past month has been the best kind of crazy I’ve ever experienced! It was of course the holiday season. Everyone usually finds themselves busy to some degree. My plan… enjoy my friends and family, leisurely wrap gifts at my whim, plan Christmas dinner, bake batches and batches of cookies, continue enjoying the pleasant snow fall while listening to Christmas music, and you know live normal life… I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. 🙂 God has a sense of humor.

I had all my presents mostly bought before December even came around. I was just putting off wrapping them for some reason. I still have no idea… but I never did get to them until Christmas eve. 😀 I was wrapping them on my bed… ended up cutting a large hole in my fitted sheet. :p Just glad it wasn’t a good one! If I’m honest with you… I was still wrapping presents on Christmas day. Good thing there aren’t any little ones living here… We all get around, these days, before presents and pictures… UNLESS I decide that I’m doing it in my PJs. 🙂 Then I MIGHT get someone to Pj party with me. 😀 I likes to do that!

Cookie baking… It was in delayed mode as well. Somehow I just wasn’t doing it as much as I had planned. Think I wasn’t getting enough pretty snowy days. 🙂 We did play a LOT of Christmas music though! Mom woke up and played it nearly every morning through most of the day. She’s never done that before. It was pretty nice!

Of course I had the antique shop… The days were fairly busy. People shopping little things for all the people on their lists. Some of them buying things to make crafts out of. I saw quite a bit of creative thought going into the shopping this year. Dear had come over to visit me at the shop. He works not five minutes away from the shop. we made plans to go out and eat after work on the thirteenth. If you remember… the 13th of December was a Friday. Take a second for that to sink in… Mhmm yup Friday the 13th. 😀 The one dealer talked to me on the phone. “Friday the 13th,” he said, “better watch out. Supposed to be a scary day.” I could hear his wife’s voice in the background. He laughed. “She says it is a lucky day.” It took me a minute to absorb all that… “Well… I think I’m going with her version. Today is a lucky day.” 🙂 I didn’t need to be working alone in a antique shop on a scary, spooky day!

Dear was so sweet. He brought me a flower in the morning to brighten my day. 🙂

Dec 13 Flower Dec 13th flower snowDec 13 Flower close



I took several pictures cause I couldn’t get the lighting in my room right. Then when I looked over what I had… I couldn’t decide which picture I liked best. 🙂 I’ve always liked colored daisies. I don’t think that is what they are called… But I don’t know flower names very well. I know they look something like a daisy and that they come in different colors… and I like both daisies and these ones. So… yeah I was smiling all day. 🙂

Doing anything with a friend is always fun! If you know anything about me… you know I’m not a big conversationalist. :p I can type and write myself silly. The actual talking bit… I haven’t quite got that down to a T. Heehee! Dear had it all figured out. 🙂 He got us started and by the end of dinner we were well into a good conversation. Somehow we got talking about Killer Whales and Sea World. Was there something about… never mind, I don’t remember. There were a few weird funny things we were laughing about. Though there is something I do remember… and it wasn’t weird or funny. It was Dear’s way of asking me if we had a good first date. 🙂 Mhmm!

It was my very first, first date and it had been better than I could have ever imagined! I told Dear about the what day of the month it was and about it being a lucky day. Well… it was a very lucky day! I can honestly say that I’m dating an amazing….. Okay I’m just going to say it! Dear is the most amazing, most wonderful, sweetest boyfriend in the whole world! Rose colored glasses they say I wear… I’ll wear them for ever if this is the way the world looks through them! 🙂 Today is our first month together day! I don’t know if it is possible to be happier!

So yeah I didn’t get that relaxing normal Christmas I thought I was going to have. I was given something ten times better! I wouldn’t trade a single moment of it for anything! I’ve been truly blessed!! This is the best New Year’s yet!

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Life After and Around Thanksgiving

I haven’t done a very good job of telling you what’s been going on since Thanksgiving… I’ve given you a lot of thoughts and a pinch of creative work but not all the amazing things that have been happening besides those.

So here is a limited attempt to recover the things I haven’t mentioned… Most things are still regular… Still working at the antique shop three days a month… Still cleaning with my momma… Still have dishes and laundry like the rest of the world… Still have animals to tend to in the morning… Things have remained at a constant normal as far as those things. Which is fine. 🙂 I’m blessed to have the time at the shop to spend on music or writing and just knowing that in some small way I can give back to my parents. I’m blessed to have a momma who wants my help in her cleaning business and that we are able to get along well most of the time. I’m blessed to have plates to eat off and clothes to wear even though both gets dirty and needs tending to. I’m blessed to have the ability to enjoy they cute and frustrating and adorable and irrational animals we have in our back yard. If I’m honest… it isn’t any of those things that get me really excited.

I put on my comfy night clothes curl up on my bed and cradle my guitar on my lap. That makes me sigh in contentment. In the early morning… before I really start my day and before Dadda comes home from his late night shift and heads to bed… I can pick up my violin and play. Those things make me all sorts of happy and excited.

However… They don’t make me the most excited. That would go to my amazing friends! Almost every weekend we find something cool to do together. 🙂 I live through the pleasantness of the week for the sweetness of the weekend! 😀 We’ve gone to Dickens of a Christmas. Where we hung out and checked out the unique items the venders had there. Although I think the main interest was food. 😀 We went to the movies afterward where some of us went to see Disney’s Frozen and the rest… like me… went to see White Christmas. Now you have to understand that this is my favorite Christmas movie so, although Frozen was great amounts of fun and laughter (I had seen it the Wednesday before Dickens…) I really wanted to see White Christmas there. 🙂 I was ever so happy that I got the opportunity and didn’t have to do so alone! It was one of the highlights of the day! XD But just one cause there were other cool moments to. 🙂

We’ve had a game night at Sis’s place where we had ice cream and root beer floats… That was lots of fun as well. Sis and I got to play violins together! I always like how we play.

Sis has spent a few nights. We have tried our best to pack them full of activities and fun! 🙂 One night we went to see Thor II and another we all came to my place and watched Man of Steel. That last one was a pizza night! 🙂 Smightification had his camra and documented Dear helping cut pizzas. 😀 Yeah that is very much like him to do that!

I’m sure there are other things that are not being recalled to memory at the moment… So I’ll continue.

Dear has been kindly, patiently, encouragingly showing me how to play my guitar. I know scales but we’ve worked on chords and now… I’m trying to be able to play them in songs. Hymns really. Hymns that we have been busy figuring out the chords to put with them. So far… I can put the chords in I just need to work on speed with transitioning between chords and finding strum patterns… which I have yet to use while playing and singing. Like I said, Dear has been very kind and patient and oh so encouraging! I think I’m getting there but Dear has been very very helpful! 🙂

Violin lessons have been going quite well. I just wish I practiced more! 🙂 I am moving along at a pace that I am happy with. My teacher is always instructive and complimentary. We have worked on a lot together and I’m all too happy to continue through next year!

Sooo I’ve made a cookie list and am already for Christmas! Well… I want to take it one day at a time… cause… There has just been to much amazingness and I know there is LOTS more to follow… So… Christmas can take a little bit of time if it wants to. 😀

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Silent Music

Music plays, I look around.
   There is no one in sight,
All the gadgets have shut down.
   The house is all quiet.

My toes tap, I him a sound.
   I’ve heard this one before.
It always makes my heart pound.
   Across my face a smile.

Sleep is no where to be found.
   Arise from where I sit.
There are no more thoughts to drown,
   Or try to put away.

All I can hear is this sound,
   The permeates my ear.
Try not to let my feet pound,
   They dance upon the floor.

I twirl to avoid a mound,
   Of books upon a chair.
Keep quiet, this secret clown,
   Moving to the music.

~ Amber Dawn

The poem as promised! 🙂

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Long Term

I have come to the conclusion that while God has plans for our lives He also has other plans. Ones that are a little more long term. Just as there is a beginning of the world there is one day going to be and end.
The preacher this Sunday showed me something else I hadn’t seen before. I’m sure someone tried to tell me at one time but just the way he said it and just at the right time… Things are soooo excitedly adding up in my head.
I’ve mentioned before about how God promised Abraham that he would one day inherit the promise land. It all took time. God wanted to make sure it was well known that it was only by His power that they would one day live there. The rabbit trails we could take from here are numerous but… I’ll try to keep on track. 🙂
So… God has a plan for everything. 😀 When Eve sinned in the garden God knew just what He was going to have to do to make things right again. From that moment He made plans for the birth of His Son to be born into our world.
Do you have any idea how much trouble it must have been for Him to plan everything just so? First He had to kick Adam and Eve from the garden so they wouldn’t do something worse than what they had already done. Then it was a matter of setting up the stage. First He needed to find the person He would use to bring everything about. (I know the flood and Noah work into here somehow… I just haven’t figured exactly how that was important.)
It took years and He chose Abraham. He gave Abraham a promise that his people would have this large rich land… All before Abraham even had any children… and after he should have been able to have children. God’s way of proving a point. 🙂 Anyway… Like I said earlier. It takes Him a lot of time to make it come to pass. Issac, Jacob/Israel, Joseph, and years after Joseph was forgotten. Before God really seemed to make a visible move to preform his promise. It takes the children/people of Israel about eighty years to actually get to the point where God finally brings them to the land and they get the courage to believe it is all possible. The whole way through concurring the land God makes it obvious that He is doing all the work. Once He completes His promise… He gets the same reaction He got from Adam and Eve in the perfect garden, that of disobedience.
An interesting note at this point was that of Rahab the harlot from Jericho. She becomes a very important part of bringing about the birth of God’s Son. He could have used anyone from any line. She ends up married to a man named Salmon. They have a son, Booz/Boaz. Who marries Ruth of Moab. That alone is pretty incredible because… They weren’t really supposed to marry outside there own people. And Boaz really probably shouldn’t have been open to such an idea. Now my thought is that because his mother also wasn’t really of Israel he had a different outlook on the whole ordeal.
Then they have Obed who eventually has Jesse the father of the well known King David. After about twenty eight generations Jesus will finally be born.  The Son of God born to save the world from their sin. The Son of God born as promised through so many generations. Promised to be born of the line of David. Promised to be born from the line of kings… It was a pretty bad fall Israel went through for Joseph to be a carpenter… I mean he could follow his ancestors back to King David and King Solomon!
Anyway, my point is that God s plans aren’t nesesarily in the timing we think they should be and even if we don’t happen to see the purpose of our lives… He does. He might not have a purpose we will ever be able to see. 🙂 Then again I think if you look close enough… You’ll be able to see Him guiding your path.
I don’t know if I explained that well or if you can even understand what I’m seeing here. Let me just say… I was excited and that this is amazing! 😀 an I hope you can see what I’m trying to say. 🙂

P.s. I have a poem coming up on the blog soon. Just so excited about this I wanted to post it first! 🙂

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Psalm 100

My favorite Psalm and that was the one the preacher used in his message on Sunday. Make a joyful noise… Yup! Nothing quite like hearing someone praise the Lord in song.

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord,

all ye lands.

Serve the Lord with gladness;

come before his presences with singing.

Know ye that the Lord he is God:

it is he that hath made us,

and not we ourselves;

we are his people,

and the sheep of his pasture.

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving,

and into his courts with praise:

be thankful unto him,

and bless his name,

For the Lord is good;

his mercy is everlasting;

and his truth endureth to all generations.


I’ve already given my post on a lot of the things I am thankful for. 🙂 So I’m just going to encourage you to Praise the Lord for all those blessings your thankful for. 🙂 I like to think that the Lord loves to hear us praise Him as much as He enjoys having us talk to Him. For HE is good. His mercy is everlasting. His truth will be there for all generations. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your families and friends!

Safe travels to you!


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